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I brewed this beer as my sixth batch:

The only deviation from the recipe is that I let it sit in primary for ~6 weeks. I broke my thumb shortly after my brewday, and I had to wait for the cast to come off before I could bottle. Also, the recipe did not list a dryhop time, so I dryhopped for one week. Unfortunately, I forgot to get an OG/FG, but every brew I've had so far has been within +/- .03 from listed recipes, so I'm sure I was close.

The beer is good. However, I like my ESBs to have bigger mouthfeel and a slightly maltier character. This beer is just a little dry for me. This is something I'd like to start messing with.

Since I'm pretty comfortable with the mechanics of brewing extract by now, I would like to start getting away from simply following a recipe. I would like to start by modifying this recipe into an ESB that suits my tastes a bit more. The problem is that I have no idea where to start. I have no idea how different hops/extract/etc. will change a beer. For instance, if I change from light to amber, lme to dme, 6.6lbs to 8lbs, EKG to Citra, or any other minute change, I wouldn't be able to predict the result.

Is there anywhere I can go to get a primer on this sort of knowledge? If not, can someone at least point me in the right direction for modifying this particular recipe?

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You can try adding some of the "cara" malts, they are more dextrinous. Also, small amounts of wheat malt can help with body. Dextrin itself is an option.

Another option is a yeast that does not attenuate as well, the manufacturers will give the attenuation for each yeast type.
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Not sure on any resources, but steeping some Carapils/Carafoam will increase body.
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If your only doing extract try some maltodextrin,and a scottish yeast or a lower attenuating yeast. I like barley flakes. A little wheat will help also for body.Higher mash abv and higher finish.

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You have several options - first and foremost for a less-dry beer, just mash a couple degrees higher. 68c is a good place to aim for.

For 'maltier' tastes, you can add some different specialty malts (as already suggested by our awesome fellow homebrew dudes). My favourites for this include melanoidin malt (USE SPARINGLY!), and you can sub out quite a bit of Vienna or Munich for pale in most recipes with satisfying results.

You could try a decoction mash - cook some, or all, of your mash to create 'stepped' mashing temps. There are soooo many threads on this for procedure, but the idea is the caramelisation helps create fun flavours.

Finally, you could try using a yeast with a very subdued flavour to let the malt shine.

Have fun!

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