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May 2010
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Due to increasing time constraints, I was wondering if I could break up my regular brewing day into two days. I presume I would extract the wort from the Mash and instead of immediately boiling, I would store in a container or in the brew pot overnight.
I would then brew the following night, or within 2-3 days after extracting wort.

Are there any problems with this procedure? I enjoy All-Grain and do not want to go back to extract.

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Mar 2011
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It's called overnight mashing. Some people will tell you it works great, but the only time I've tried it, I ended up with a wort that was terribly thin and lacking character. I think that the problem is that you give too much time for beta amylase to work.

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You will need to refrigerate it immediatly or you will likely end up with a sour mash.

Tony above is also correct, although most people mash 1 hour or less, conversion from complex to simple sugars continues for hours, making your mash very fermentable.
- Andrew

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Raise the temperature of the wort post mash to sanitize it and stop the enzymes and it would likely hold over fairly well...bring it to a near boil and lid the kettle I would imagine it would stay for a coupole days??? YMMV

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Old 03-30-2012, 02:14 AM   #5
May 2010
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I went ahead and did the overnight mash. I figured that if I have to bring the wort up to boiling prior to letting it sit overnight or storing in a cold environment, then what's the point in not waiting another hour to complete the process.

With the overnight mash I lost more heat than I thought I would, even while double wrapping the cooler with thick blankets. Temperature reading after 9 hours was about 135, so I think I'm ok with not having a sour mash.
Batch sparged as I normally do.

Received better efficiency than I thought I would, ~83%

Will know in several weeks how it turned out. But wow. Surprisingly simple. Almost eliminates the timing for the mash process in a brewing period, since the mashing is done during dead-time.

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Dec 2011
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I have done this on a few batches and they turned out great, but I do a Mashout before sparging to disable the enzymes. Add boiling water and bring Mash up to 168-170 for ten minutes and that will help with the vorlauf and keep the wort stable.

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Old 03-30-2012, 03:53 AM   #7
Sep 2011
Lexington, Kentucky
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Subscribed. I would love to hear others experiences with an overnight mash because the idea has always appealed to me. Anyone else experience such awesome efficiency?

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Old 03-30-2012, 05:16 AM   #8
Jul 2011
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Though it wasn't the wort, I have cleaned out the grains from my tun into another container and forgot to take it out of the garage. Of course it still had a lot of water, so I guess it's still somewhat wort, just never boiled. I was amazed how quickly it soured, it was in the garage for just a day before the stench started. At no point was I tempted to drink it. I have time constraints, too, but I don't think I'm ready to try the overnighter myself. But, I'm interested in knowing if it worked out for you!


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Old 03-30-2012, 05:31 AM   #9
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Nov 2011
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I've tried an overnight mash once. I mashed in high (158*F) so that by the time it was all said and done I had plenty of unfermentable sugars AND a very fermentable wort. My mash held for 12 hours and only dropped to 143*F.. I wrapped seran wrap around the cooler where the lid meets the cooler so the heat would stay contained better. I also wrapped the cooler in about 3 blankets. The batch I made was a 2Row/cascade smash that I primed with german black forest honey, and it is awesome! It tastes great, has perfect head retention, plenty of body and not at all dry...
Bier war sein letztes wort dann trugen ihn die Englein fort...

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Apr 2011
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I have done a few overnight mashes and I love how I can split the brewday in two. I've got maybe 20 all-grain brews under my belt and one of the best beers I ever brewed was a 10 hour mash though I don't know if it was attributable to the length of the mash or other variables. I've brewed this past Saturday and did a 12 hour mash (man were those grains cooked!). I ended up with 89% efficiency. I tasted the beer today and had no sour taste. My advice is to start the mash in the high 150s or low 160s to counteract the thinness. Also if you want some body go with a lower attenuating yeast. I wouldn't recommend going 2-3 days though unless you have a fridge but if you do throw in a Campden tablet or two and it should keep the bad stuff from getting out of hand.

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