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Sep 2009
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What is a good starting point on the line length from the keg to the tap for 1/4 inch line? I have seen everything from a couple of feet to ten feet. I have enough tubing to go ten feet on each tap but is that too much?
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Do you know the resistance of your tubing? You'll want to match the resistance to the applied pressure. My 3/16" tubing has ~2lb resistance per foot ... at 10 psi, I use 5-foot lines. 1/4" would obviously have less resistance; thus you'll likely need longer lines.

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This site has some useful info.
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Originally Posted by OHIOSTEVE View Post
What is a good starting point on the line length from the keg to the tap for 1/4 inch line? I have seen everything from a couple of feet to ten feet. I have enough tubing to go ten feet on each tap but is that too much?
I'd ditch the 1/4" ID line and start with 10 feet of good quality 3/16" ID beer line...


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I use 1/4 ID line for all my taps. I have to use 15', but it coils up, so no big deal.

Take a look at this site, has tables and charts and everything.

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FWIW I've found the resistance of virtually every line out there to be somewhat less than stated, so if you use those figures in your calculations you may end up with lines that are slightly too short, and pours that are a little on the foamy side. My suggestion is to make the lines a little longer than you think you'll ever need them. The only downside to longer lines is a slower pour, and if it's too slow it's very easy to cut them down a little. Much easier than replacing lines that are too short and causing a bunch of foaming.

I have very long lines, because I never know when I'll want a hefe or belgian carbed to 3.5 vol and served at 40F, and would like to be able to get a good pour if/when I do that. Yes I get slightly slower pours, but I'm not running a busy bar where every second matters, and if I have time to drink a beer, I have an extra few seconds to wait for it to be poured. Just my $0.02 on the matter, take it for what it's worth.
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Go longer then you think and cut back a needed. Can always cut - cant add.

I started with 12 feet and seems to work well.
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