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So this is a combination of 4 recipes that i made in 1 gallon batches from a local pick-your-own farm's cider. The Cider is this amazing cloudy dark brown tangy juice and its one of my favorite parts of fall.

4 Gallons Organic Cider (what ever your favorite is)
2lbs Raw Honey
Dark Dry Malt Extract
Mulling Spices

Regular Cider
Just took the Cider and put in the Red Star Champagne and let it go. The Color of the final product was like that of apple juice so clear and yellowish. it finished around 6% i think, this fall i'll be able to update this with the actual Starting Gravity. The taste was nicely acidic and a great apply Smell. Will probably add a cooper's carbonation drop in the 2012 batch

Mulled Cider
Did the same thing i did for the regular Cider but i Put in a good amount of Pensey's Mulling Spices in cheese cloth. and left it in there untill the cider was still. probably wont do again because the spices were good but not great, the Regualr Cider was definately better

Malt Cider
This is one of my favorites of this year, i took the cider and put in about 8 tbs of Dark DME. took an extra racking to clear because it was probably ending around 12%. Has a great noticably malty flavor but doesnt sacrifice any of the apple flavors from the cider to get it. Next time im going to use slightly more malt in the mash, and add Carbonation drop. Yeast Used EC-1118

This is one of my other favorites of the year, took the cider and added 1.5lbs of honey. It was tricky because it didnt want to dissolve so i had to wait about half way through the primary and stirred it lee's and all so it was in the primary for an extra 4 or 5 days. Once the Primary had started to clear and everything was dissolved i racked it and let it sit for about 3 weeks and racked it again to finish clearing. Bottled after about 30 days total of secondary fermentation. Great Mead flavors and its a noticably paler than the regualar Cider but a much more fragrant. Ended around 14-15%. Yeast used EC-1118

All Ciders are aging well. Any Questions? feel Free to ask

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