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Aug 2009
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Seriously, why would you want this?

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Jun 2010
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May 2010
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so how does it work?

my guess is that there is a little arm underneath and when you flick that switch it hit the bottom of the glass and makes all those bubbles?

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Dec 2010
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I'd like to have one. Pour a potent IPA in there and hit the switch for a blast of aroma!
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Dec 2011
l.a., ca
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Very cool. Probably a co2 cartridge in the handle. That will be in the stores soon, trust me.

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Aug 2009
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You can see how it works right at the end. Look at the base of the handle here. The lever flicks a little hammer thing in the handle that smacks the bottom of the glass.
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Aug 2011
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Yeah, cool! I like my beer flat.
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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by shortyjacobs View Post
You can see how it works right at the end. Look at the base of the handle here. The lever flicks a little hammer thing in the handle that smacks the bottom of the glass.

Nope.... the handle doesn't smack the bottom.... watch again, frame by frame. It looks to me like the handle has air in it and exactly at 1:12 to 1:14 you can see the handle pulls back forcing the air into the beer.

It seems rather gimmicky to me.... I could take a straw and vigorously blow air into the bottom of the glass and get the same result.

I guess the real question is .... how stupid is your target audience?

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Jun 2010
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I have several glasses with etched bottoms to provide nucleation points...this seems like sort of a variation on that...but I digress...yes, crazy Japanese...
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Bernie Brewer
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Feb 2006
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That commercial could never air in the US. Over here in a beer commercial they are not allowed to actually drink the beer.
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