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I got a water report done at Ward Labs and I'm going to try to adjust my water for the first time. I'd appreciate some tips/feedback to make sure I'm doing this right.

Here's my water report from Ward:
7.4 pH
77 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Est
0.13 mmho/cm Electrical Conductivity
0.9 / 0.8 me/L Cations / Anions
13 ppm Sodium, Na
1 ppm Potassium, K
3 ppm Calcium, Ca
2 ppm Magnesium, Mg
16 ppm Total Hardness, CaCO3
0.2 ppm Nitrate, NO3-N
2 ppm Sulfate, SO4-S
16 ppm Chloride, Cl
< 1 ppm Carbonate, CO3
9 ppm Bicarbonate, HCO3
7 ppm Total Alkalinity, CaCO3
0.83 ppm Total Phosphorus, P
<0.01 ppm Total Iron, Fe

I'm going to try brewing CBBaron's Smooth Oatmeal Stout , so my plan was to shoot for around 150 RA and a Chloride to Sulfate ratio a bit above 2:1 in favor of chloride to get a maltier beer. Good so far?

I'll be doing a single infusion mash and then fly sparging, Beersmith is telling me that will be around 4.3 gallons of mash water, and 4 gallons of sparge water to make a initial boil volume of 6.8 gallons. So I've planned my mineral additions to the mash based on 4.3 gallons of water, no sparge adjustments, and then further adjusting the pre-boil water based on 2.5 gallons of my source water (6.8 gallons of pre-boil wort - 4.3 gallons mash volume), is that the right way to figure it?

I couldn't figure out how to do a table in the forum, so here's an image of my planned additions for the mash and for the boil kettle.

I'm not seeing RA value in Beersmith, but plugging these additions into Palmer's spreadsheet seems to put this in the right ballpark.

So does this sound reasonable or am I doing this all properly?

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First I'll tell you if you post this in the brew science forum you'll get some real expert advice. I've just gotten into water chemistry myself and found the EZ Water 3.0 calculator to be the easiest to use, here's a link to that spreadsheet

link to EZ water 3.0

I would think for a sweet stout you'd wanna keep the sulfate levels as low as possible, so I'd lose any gypsum additions and just use calcium chloride to up your calcium levels. And from what I've read you don't need any magnesium additions, there's plenty of magnesium added from the malts.
Like I said post this in the Brew science forum and get an expert opinion.

Good Luck

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Aug 2010
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Thanks, didn't realize the science sub-forum was a better place for this, I'll probably just move this if possible or delete/lock it otherwise. I'll have to work on that EZ water spreadsheet and see what I come up with.

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