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Who here is a fan of Craigtube?

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Originally Posted by Joehova44 View Post
Who here is a fan of Craigtube?
Never heard of it. Does that mean I'm getting old? LOL

OK Googled it. It's ok.
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I've watched a few of his shows. Some are informative. In fact, his review of BB Cream Ale was the main reason I chose a cream ale for my first brew.

Some are drunken ramblings. What is up with the show on his glass collection??!@???

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Some good information there.

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Originally Posted by Joehova44 View Post
Who here is a fan of Craigtube?
I've watched quite a few of his videos. A lot of them are informative and he's pleasant enough to watch.

He's a big advocate of extract brews, and I took his philosophy on extract brews to heart, and I wish I hadn't. All-grain brewing for me is much more rewarding than extract brewing. Because I was afraid of all of the extra things I had to learn (and could potentially screw up) about the all-grain process, and because people like Craig were telling me that extract brewing was just fine and you can brew award-winning beers with extract you never really need to go to all-grain if you don't want to. Fortunately, my brewing partner would have none of that, so he dragged me into the all-grain process.

Yes, you can definitely win awards with extract brews, but I highly recommend that all brewers give all-grain brewing a couple of tries before deciding to only do extract batches.

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I watch usually check out his videos every week or two. I like watching all homebrew videos, but most people have either poor sound quality, poor cameras, or are just uninteresting. Craig has studio quality gear, and is fun to watch. He's also an avid musician, which is another draw. I like watching musicians on youtube.

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Jan 2011
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I watched some of his shows when i first started brewing. He's kindof a dork if you ask me (thats not a bad thing) but he got alot of info and i direct new brewers to his channel all the time. I think his got a chip on his shoulder about being an extract brewer but what ever you wanna do is what ever you wanna do. Im an AG brewer and i never looked back but still do test batchs for new ingredient i've never tryed with extract.

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Feb 2012
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I watch a few of his videos, when i was first starting out it was really informative. I have stuck to extract for now. Im in college and dont have much time. Im excited to experiment alittle this summer though, seems like theres alot of potential in AG batches.

One thing that I feel extract brews lack is robust flavor without going through some extra effort. Ive made what I feel are award winning beers, but not in all consistency.
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Nov 2011
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I like his videos, they were a big help when I first started. His kegging series was also very good.

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Jan 2012
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Like his videos too, he's done a lot in terms of homebrew teaching to people and is certainly an asset in the hobby.

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