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Aug 2010
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My brew partner and I were approached by a mutual friend of ours that is getting married in the coming year. He would like very much for us to serve our beer at his wedding. Few things get me as excited as serving our finely crafted beer to new masses of people, but I want to make sure we do our due diligence and CYA before we agree to do so.

I know we cant sell it. We are planning on having the poor soul with the upcoming nuptuals pay for the ingredients. Any issues with this?

Any other pitfalls or no-no's I should be worried about?

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May 2011
Cincinnati, OH
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Will it be held on private or public property?

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Dec 2010
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Just explain to him it's expensive and he may offer, or you could offer that as your gift

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Dec 2011
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The only issue would be if the public hall has a problem. If your not charging for it at a private residence, what's the difference between that, and a BBQ at your place?

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Apr 2011
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I don't even know if you'd need to clear it. I would be willing to bet if you showed up to drop your beer off before hand for them to put on ice, they wouldnt ask where it came from, and if they did and you simply said you made it, theyd probably just say "oh cool!" Most wedding planners/staff, if they aren't involved in purchasing or preparing what they are serving will just leave it up to you to provide the goods and they will supply the bodies to serve it.

I didn't brew for a wedding, but I brewed a few batches for my cousins art show a few months ago. My experience tells me if you just play it cool and don't start the sentence with "it's not a federal offense because I'm not charging for it..." you'll be good to go...and the talk of the party for your delicious, hand crafted beer

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Dec 2009
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I brewed a couple batches for a friend's wedding as well as my own. I checked w/ the caterers to make sure they were cool w/ it. They both had no problems. Good luck!

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Mar 2012
Limerick, Pennsylvania
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A friend of mine served his homebrew at his sisters wedding, it was a big hit. I don't forsee any problems because honestly, who would they call to report you?

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Dec 2010
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Yep I had all kinds of home made stuff at my wedding in December. It worked out real well since we had to provide all the alcohol as the caterer provided only mixers. I had to even go as far as providing the C02, regulator, lines, etc... all he had was ice and buckets for the kegs.

When I told him that I was making half of the stuff that I was planning to have there (keg of beer, keg of cider and about 100 bottles of wine) he just looked at me like I was a little crazy but had absolutely no concerns with it.

So other than checking with the caterer, I would say verify what else might be needed. If you're bottling it then it's just a matter of a way to keep it all cold, otherwise if you keg you need to know if they have a method to tap it or not.

As others have said, only other issues would be public/private, is alcohol allowed to be served, etc.

The only other potential issue I could foresee is if it is a cash bar, then technically someone is getting paid for serving your beer, which may or may not have any legal recourse if anyone cares enough to figure it out and report it.

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Feb 2011
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Originally Posted by SuburbanBrewer View Post
The only issue would be if the public hall has a problem. If your not charging for it at a private residence, what's the difference between that, and a BBQ at your place?
This. Make sure wherever the reception is at doesn't have a problem with it. In some cases, bringing in outside alcohol violates their liquor license.

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Jan 2012
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Also some states differentiate between serving your brew at your house and serving your brew somewhere else.
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