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Oct 2010
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I always wanted to try, but once my wife got pregnant I needed another hobby to take place of my much more expensive, and time consuming hobby car resto/customizing. So whats your story?
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Feb 2012
Grass Valley, CA
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My dad and I always talked about it and before he died he made some weird kit in large hot water bottle and it tasted funky. That turned me off of home brew for a long time. Then I saw the Alton Brown Good Eats beer episode and that did it for me - and no, I don't boil my grains

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Mar 2011
Waukesha, WI
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I read Barbara kingsolvers book about living for a year on their own food... That got me involved in making cheese. Several cheese making supply websites also sell beer stuff, so the seed was planted. After I got pregnant and my boyfriend and I bought a house, we met the neighbors who brew, and that sealed the deal. I bought him a kit for Christmas that year, and we took off... Only thing I didn't realize was that it would become my hobby, and not his... But he helps me bottle and drink, and comes to the club meetings with me.

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Jun 2010
Miller Place, NY (Long Island)
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The first time, I was reading a Popular Sci/Mechanics magazine and saw a add for E C Kraus and made two batches of beer. The second one was a disaster. Bottle bombs, etc. The second time, my cousin re-gifted me a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. That was about 2 years and 196 gallons ago....

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Old 03-06-2012, 04:38 PM   #5
Mar 2007
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
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Always wanted to try it and toyed with the idea for years. Now I work in a pub with a brewery and one of my mates just started up after a few years off. Kinda put the buzz in me again so I bought a starter kit.

Brewed up my first batch today.
FV1 - EMPTY :(
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Old 03-06-2012, 04:46 PM   #6
Feb 2011
Clemson, SC
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I was back home one spring break and was hanging out with my brother and his roommates. One of them brews, and he had a corny of brown ale in the fridge which was really good and my first introduction to homebrew. I was just getting into craft beer at the time as well, and the more I learned about beer the more I wanted to know how it was made and was pretty infatuated with the idea of brewing my own. So about a year of off and on reading and research later I got my starter kit from Midwest and started from there.

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Old 03-06-2012, 05:04 PM   #7
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Nov 2011
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I work as a chemist for a research and testing firm. I've always enjoyed beer but never gave much thought to brewing my own. About a year or so ago, we initiated a project on water chemistry and one of the possible applications was beer so we set up to make a few batches in the lab to test the theory. Well... thlngs ended up looking better on paper then in practice, the project was abandoned and we moved onto other things.... however.... the I was infected with the brew-bug. I put together a brewing rig at home and started with extract kits... I went to partial mash and concocting my own recipes then made the leap to AG a fee months ago... its a really cool hobby that I can indulge in now that one of the offspring is out in college and the other is a senior in HS...

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Feb 2012
Denver, CO
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I brewed a little in College, roughly ten years ago, but never made anything drinkable due to lack of commitment. Got a real job, got a wife and a cat. Had kind of forgotten about it until this past Christmas when the wife got me a starter kit. I have the funds and drive now which were lacking in College and a willing test subject (not the cat). Brewed four batches in about 6 weeks. One is nearly gone and just bottled a smoked porter this weekend. I'm hooked!

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Old 03-06-2012, 05:37 PM   #9
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Jan 2010
central, IL
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My father brewed when I was growing up and I helped alot. When I was out on my own, it was natural for me to start brewing

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Dec 2011
Alexander City, Alabama
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I got brewing kit for Christmas. Simple as that.

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