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Originally Posted by mcarb View Post
Become completely incompetent at everything else in your home life. Screw it up immensely. But when you brew beer, do it well. She will ask you to brew just to stay out of her hair.

This method has worked well for me. Of course, I figured it out by accident.
This about made me spit my beer out - great!

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Originally Posted by tchfunkta
Rule #1, set firm dates and times for brewing. When she knows I'm brewing, the expectation is set that it's the only thing I will be doing during that time. She used to come down to my garage and see me sitting, listening to music and drinking and thought,"well, I guess he can do other stuff instead of just sitting and getting drunk. Looks like a whole lot of watching" I just educated her on the brewing process and how relaxing is an important aspect

Rule #2, about every 4 batches I ask her what fruity concoction she wants for me to brew for her. I brew it, she drinks it over the course of 2 months, we're good.

Rule #3, she never see's any of my brew stuff as getting in the way. I clean it up promptly and try to contain it as much as possible to my brew garage.

Rule #4, Frequently show her my ridiculous graph that shows how much money I have spend all-time on brewing vrs. what I would have spent on commercial brews or brews on tap at a bar. ( It's kind of fun to show that a hobby has saved me well over $5000 over the past 3 years....)

Given these rules, peace is maintained.
Excellent advice!

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buy her flowers....tell her how u love her...help her find a hobby...watch the kids and brew
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So about lady brewers. How do you keep the husband/SO happy?

I know, it's beer, and I even made it and cleaned up. It wasn't fruity, and I let your friends drink as much as they want. In my experience though, even telling a significant other about making beer hasn't gone so well. They don't want to help, and they don't want you to be taken away by something as base as making alcohol.

Someone asked me about romance the other day, and I looked at them blankly while replying, "Romance? Is that the thing that happens between a brewer and their yeast?" Which is probably why we are all here. I do love my fermentations, but it's not mutually exclusive to loving other people, and I'm certainly open to a threesome.
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Originally Posted by BrnBtlFlzy View Post
So about lady brewers. How do you keep the husband/SO happy?
I guess that my answer is "I don't care!"

Not really, but we all have interests and hobbies. I don't get obsessed with March Madness but he does so I suck it up as he spends hours talking/discussing/picking bets on his college BB stuff. He also gardens (yawn) many hours a week.

People without hobbies or interests are exceedingly dull and one dimensional, so any SO should be happy to see their partner happy and enjoying themselves.

I could take up a more expensive hobby- aviation lessons, or scuba diving for starters. But I'm happy brewing, and I enjoy it and find it relaxing. If your partner gives you **** for it, maybe the relationship is the problem, not the brewing.
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I stay outside as much as possible, I do come in for water and to clean up but the brewing is done outside. I also start early so I am done at a reasonable time and always cook a nice breakfast on brew days. I also brew on request for her friends, a summer shandy here, a blueberry wheat there, a strawberry blonde ale for her sister, etc. Doing this also opened the door for me to start kegging for parties. I think the biggest thing though is doing more than my fair share the week leading up to brewing to buy some credit with the Mrs. She knows when I am planning to brew when the flask and stir plate come out mid week. She also makes fun of me when I use the refractometer.
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1. My wife works every other weekend, so I try to time it up on the weekends that she works
2. I brew in the garage (no smells, no "in-house" mess)
3. Clean, clean, clean after you brew
4. Definitely brew some batches for her, no matter how fruity she likes it
5. Don't get wasted!
6. Show excitement and interest in the "science" of the hobby
7. If she is present, make it an event and invite other married couples over (let her choose some couples)
8. Show some interest and respect for her hobbies
9. Don't let brewing get in the way of dates, dinners, get togethers, or other events
10. Be an all around decent husband she can be proud of and she will support homebrewing
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Use your leftover Starsan to clean the shower. Its freaking awesome. Nothing grows for quite some time.
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Originally Posted by djt17
I support her hobby (horses) & she supports mine (beer). Easy.
Our relationship exactly.
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clean up after yourself
don't use/break/lose her kitchen gadgets
don't spill/leak starsan on non-stone countertops

These are the mistakes I've made brew an occasional batch that she prefers.

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