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Dec 2011
Deming, NM
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My question is are they worth the money?

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Feb 2008
Raleigh, NC
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They give you the ingredient list so you can see what goes in the kit. Price it out separately at several stores and see if it's a good deal.

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Aug 2009
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For comparisons sake, I did the AG Surly Bender from Northern Brewer and it turned out great, so I used that recipe on Brewbuilder from Brewmasters Warehouse.

Northern Brewer(no yeast): $26.99
Brewmaster's Warehouse(no yeast): $29.11, but using the 10% off code for the Brewing Network, you get $26.19

My LHBS is a little pricey, so it would all come down to shipping for me. The Pro Series kits are supposed to be using the exact ingredients, so Brewmaster's Warehouse doesn't carry the base malt for the beer, so I just subsituted for it.

I would say it is a wash either way, but if you want to support NB, then go for it.

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Nov 2011
Lino Lakes, MN
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I have not done any of the pro series kits but I brewed 3 of their kits and I didnt care for any of them. I started brewing kits from midwest and then I tried the 3 from Northern and I liked all of the kits from Midwest and did not care for the Northerns. I know alot of people like Northern it just has not been my experience.
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Sep 2010
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I did the Surly Bitter Brewer as my first PM and it turned out a beer that captured the description in the ad copy perfectly. Having never had the real thing, I can't say if it was spot on or not, but it made one hell of a beer, and the keg did not last long enough.

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May 2011
Ithaca, NY
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I made the Surly Bitter Brewer and really liked how it came out. Never really priced it to see if you save money by sourcing ingredients from various places but I'm guessing you may be able to save a little, but not a huge amount (unless you just happen to have a lot of the stuff in bulk on hand of course).

But the quality of the kit was good and the beer was really nice. I've never had any beer from Surly so can't tell how it compars to the real deal, but the kit was tasty.

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Nov 2010
Ogden, Utah
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I've priced one kit out... I think it was $29... When I broke it down and built 4-exact copies of the same kit the price per kit was somewhere around $14. I cannot remember, but basically the big costs are yeast and individual hop packets. If someone bulk grains their base malts that can drop the cost significantly too... It's too bad we can get pale-malt for less than $0.40/lbs anymore. Gone are the days of $5 to $10 brews.

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Jul 2011
St Petersburg, FL
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I did the Hope and King Scottish Ale and just bottled it today and even flat the taste is awsome!

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Mar 2011
San Diego, California
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Originally Posted by Dougie63
I did the Hope and King Scottish Ale and just bottled it today and even flat the taste is awsome!
I did the Dawson's Multi Grain Red and it's the best I've brewed so far.
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Feb 2012
Manassas, VA
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NB's kits are a great way to experiment with some base recipes. I've probably made a dozen or so of their kits in the last two years and while some are just meh other's have proven to be real winners. The only reason I didn't like some of the kits were simply because I didn't like the style of beer.

for example, I really didn't like the Cream Ale kit -- but I've got friends that line up for that beer when I make it because they're huge fans of that style.

The Dead Ringer IPA is a 100% knock off of Bell's two-hearted ale. side-by-side you can barely notice a difference. It's one of my favorite kits.

I've done the Surly Furious and loved it!

Since I order from NB about once a month or so I always grab a kit or two. If you're combining it with other items for shipping you can't beat the price of their kits anywhere else.

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