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This is actually the 1st time I've used Citra so I didn't really think about the complement with the 1056. Anyhow, I'm a little sensitive to the aroma the yeast gives off so it seems to dominate the beer. I used US-05 in Janet's Brown (hoppy American Brown) over Christmas and noticed the peach came through very clearly. It seemed to pair better than on my IPAs.

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if you're sensitive to it, but you like the yeast, just work on finding the temperature sweet spot where you get good beer, but the peach is limited or gone. try 65-67 degrees, letting it warm a few degrees by the end of fermentation. should ferment nice and clean at those temps.
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I had read an article that fermenting at the bottom of a yeasts temp range produced a cleaner profile, so I fermented my first brew in the 59-63 range. It is a Cream Ale and goes to bottle this Saturday. Now I can't wait to see if I need to name it Peaches & Cream!

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Thanks for posting this. I just fermented a rye pale with US-05 in the low 60s and swore all week that I was getting a slight peach/apricot aroma and flavor, and couldn't figure out why until now.

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so THIS is why my rye ipa smells like peaches!
based on hydrometer samples, i find it works splendidly with the hops!

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Originally Posted by NordeastBrewer77 View Post
it is, very nice an clean. especially at temps 65-70ish. take it down really low, say 58-62, and it can give off a faint peach-y note.
I turned a Cream of the 3 Crops into a peach bomb with US05 in the mid-upper 50s. That batch was one of the main reasons I went and bought a chest freezer so I wouldn't have to try and balance ice bottles in a water bath. I just used it again on an American Wheat at 63 so I'll get to try it again after 18 months of hiding from 05.

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This is all very interesting. I just had a taste from a new batch that finished fermenting about a week ago (using US-05), and it was an absolute peach-bomb. It's an interesting flavor, but decidedly un-beerlike at this point. I bottled last night, so I plan to try it in about a month. Can others who have experienced this flavor from cool ferm temps and US-05 comment on their experience after conditioning? Did the peach flavor persist, mellow, or go away altogether?

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Bump.. How are people's experience with this off peachy flavor in terms of mellowing out in bottle conditioning??

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I'd like to know this, as well. I have my first all-grain blonde ale in the bottles as of now, and there's a pronounced fruity/peachy note. Ferment was in the 60-64 range.

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Peach flavor could be due to sulfur production, which happens at lower temperatures.
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