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SYSTEM IS SOLD! Thanks to everyone that replied.

Complete 10-Gallon Brewing System for Sale

Price: $900

Local pick-up preferred. Will deliver within a 1 hour drive of Janesville, WI for $75.


4336 Huntington Ave, Janesville, WI.


This is a three-kettle, three-burner system with heavy-duty adjustable shelving on casters, a March 809 high-temp pump for recirculation/chilling, and a Shirron plate chiller. It can be easily adjusted for either a RIMS or HERMS environment, due to the pump, heat-exchanger, and external thermowell. All connections utilize quick-disconnects and medical-grade high-temp silicone tubing.

Brew Structure

The structure is composed of commercial-grade chrome-plated Olympic shelving. It has four adjustable shelves and eight casters. Each shelf has a 600-800 lb capacity. Since the shelves are of adjustable height, you can configure it as either a gravity-fed system or as single-tier system, utilizing the March 809 pump. The heavy-duty casters make it easy to roll the system in and out of storage, or around the brewery.


The kettles consist of one 20-gallon aluminum kettle and two 15-gallon aluminum kettles. I typically use the 20-gallon kettle for a mash tun and brew 10 gallon batches. This kettle has the capacity to use the no-sparge technique for even high-gravity 10 gallon batches. However, the functionality of each kettle is completely configurable -- the dip-tubes, false bottoms, and hop screen components can be used with any of the three kettles. So if you want to brew a 15 gallon batch of a regular-gravity beer, you could use one of the 15 gallon kettles as a mash tun and then boil 15 gallons easily in the 20 gallon kettle. For vorlauf or traditional sparging, the mash-tun features an adjustable wort return / sparge arm.

Kettle Components

The kettles features predominately stainless steel components.
  • Each kettle features a full-port two-piece SS ball valve
  • Two perforated SS false bottoms come with the system. One can be used only by the 15 gallon kettles, the other can be used by both the 15 and 20 gallon.
  • The Hot Liquor Tank (15 gallon) features a Blichman Brewmometer. The Boil Kettle features a K-type thermocouple that can be used with any K-type compatible digtal thermometer. One calibratible digital thermometer, with precision to a 10th of a degree, is provided with the system, along with a second immersible thermocouple that can be directly inserted into any of the kettles to precisely monitor temps. Both thermocouples are k-type and compatible with the digital thermometer.
  • An exterior SS thermowell is provided (typically attached to the ball-valve of the mash-tun) that can monitor mash temps during recirculation.
  • The boil kettle is equipped with a bazooka screen for filtering out hops, but you could just as easily use this for the mash-tun and use the false bottom in the boil kettle. Or, dispense with a filter altogether and rely on the whirlpooling action of the pump during recirculated cooling.</

The system features three burners, two hurricane burners and one lower-temp burner on a stainless steel stand. The hurricane burners are extremely powerful, capable of ramping 15 gallons at more than two degrees a minute. However, they are also adjustable, allowing you to reduce the heat to a very low level as well. At maximum output they can easily sustain a very vigorous 15 gallon boil. For the mash tun, I wanted more adjustability in the low-BTU range, so I went with a less-powerful burner. Although this burner is also capable of significant output, it can be adjusted to provide just enough heat to offset the mash's loss of heat to the environment, therefore maintaining a very constant mash temp, while also providing the power necessary to quickly mash-out.

Recirculation and Chilling

The system is configured with a March 809 HS pump that is food-safe and can handle temps up to 250 F. It can move wort significantly faster than you will typically require, and therefore is configured with a ball-valve to allow very precise adjustment of the flow rate. It can be used for constant recirculation during the mash, for clarification after mash-out (vorlauf), for run-off into the boil kettle, and for chilling at the end of the boil. For chilling the boiled wort, I hook the boil kettle up to the pump and then pump the wort through the Shirron plate chiller back into the boil kettle. The digital thermometer monitors temps in the boil kettle, so that you know precisely when to halt the chilling process.

Tubing and Quick Disconnects

All tubing and quick-disconnects required for operation of the system are included, along with an additonal hose and disconnects for an unanticipated use of the system. The quick-disconnects are brass, from McMaster, and food-safe. The hoses are high-temp, thick-walled, medical-grade silicone. All hoses are attached to 3/8" OD female quick-disconnects at each end, while all brewery connections feature 3/8" male plugs, allowing any hose to be used interchangeably with any part of the system.


In addition to everything mentioned above, the price of the system also includes two 5-gallon ball-lock kegs, a stainless steel jockey-box style plate chiller (in addition to the Shirron wort plate chiller that comes with the system), and a RIMS heating tube (if you want to configure this system as a RIMS). There is also an automated mash-stirrer.<br />

Contact Info

Please contact me at 608-449-7195 or for more information or to schedule a demonstration of the system. I have many additional pictures that I can send via email.

Thanks for you interest!

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wow this looks like a pretty good deal, too bad I'm in Texas :-/

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Nice system. Very interested. Email sent.

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Wow that is a smokin deal for someone.
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