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Sep 2007
Columbus, OH
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Originally Posted by ohiobrewtus
There are some brewpubs down in Columbus, but I've only been to Gordon Biersch by Nationwide Arena. There's also Columbus Brewing Company, Barley's I and II, and a couple others that I can't think of at the moment.

Go to Barely's next time you get a chance, they have awesome beers

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Dec 2012
Midlothian, Virginia
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Richmond and Central Virginia area is becoming that way..

We have a few great "Beer Bars" - Sedona bar and Grille in Midlothian is a favorite.

We had a few restaurants that brewed their own beers. The only one left I think is a BBQ restaurant - Extra Billy's in Midothian. Their beer is pretty good (especially their Red)

We do have a number of Craft brews in the Richmond, VA area:

Legend Brewing - (one of the larger in the area, known for their Brown Ale,Great Octoberfest too.).
They are getting big enough they may start national distribution soon.

St George Brewing Company - (AWESOME PORTER)

Devil's Backbone Brewery

Some new ones I have heard of :

Midnight Brewing

Hardywood Park

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery

Looks like we have 18 in my area alone.. 42 in the state

Many more are coming as Virginia is experiencing a boom in craft brewers right now..

So not as good as some cities, but better than many, and getting better.
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Nov 2012
Akron, OH
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NE Ohio has Thirsty Dog, Great Lakes, and a bunch of other small breweries with good offerings. Going to start touring the area when the weather warms up.

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Apr 2011
louisville, KY
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Louisville's really coming along. We have a few breweries. A brew pub in our minor league ballpark (that's not owned by coors). Two bars on Draft's top 100. And if it's not a national chain there's never really a problem getting a good beer at a bar or restaurant. More than anything we're becoming a sour town. One spot always has more than one on tap and they get drunk by everyone, not just the geeks. We've had back to back Zwanze days. And in our two homebrew comps, one big one small, a lambic took BOS. Who'd have thunk it in KY?

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Jan 2013
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OK, so I'll throw my hat in the ring for Boise. No where near some of these other places, but for a population of 200k, and fairly isolated, it holds its own. Being in the Portland, Seattle, N. CA "sphere of influence" helps. A lot of people still drink the usual, but every grocery store, and even a lot of gas stations have craft brews. We have 4 brew pubs that I can think of: Table Rock, Sockeye Brewing, Highlands Hollow and The Ram. Lucky 13, The Front Door, Bitter Creek all are great local spots with great beer selections, oh & the Taphouse, and also Fork. We have 2 local breweries, Payette Brewing and Crooked Fencce Brewing with tasting rooms/bars & they supply local businesses too. LHBSs are Brewers Haven and I think Brewforia has supplies, but they might just sell beers. You can walk into pretty much any decent restaurant and ask for a Ninkasi, and while every place may not have it, they at least know what you're talking about!

I think this is a pretty decent city beer-wise (and wine-wise too)!

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Jan 2013
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Grand Rapids MI is definitely a beer town, actually voted as Beer City USA in 2012. Our main brewery is Founders, along with Brewery Vivant, Perrin, Grand Rapids Brewing Company, a 40 tap beer bar, and another 8 smaller breweries. Bells is only a short 45 minute drive away. Definitely a great brew city

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Nov 2012
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I live in Homestead, FL (30 miles south of Miami) and this place is void of craft beers. There are Total Wines that sell a good selection but those are 20 minutes drive. There is Schnebly winery near me that just started to brew a few. No distribution yet, can only go to fill growlers.

I go to the University of Miami and there's a brewpub near them that makes their own called Titanic. Other than that the closest I can think of is Cigar City Brewery up in Tampa.
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I live in Beervana. According to the Oregon Brewers Guild, as of 12/12/12 there were 51 breweries operating in Portland, more than any other city in the world, and 68 in the Portland Metro area. There are 133 companies operating 165 brewing facilities in 59 cities in Oregon. Oh, and the Willamette Valley is the second largest producing of hops in the country. Not a bad place for a beer lover.

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Well I'm in a small town with not a lot going on.
Industry is logging and some fishing.
Beer drinkers here?? Only the ones that don't drink too much whiskey.

No breweries. We've got a few membership bars like American legion, VA, Eagles, I forget what else. One actual bar in town, one right out of town.
The good news is that the one in town was recently bought by some new people. A dad and his kid. I was talking to the kid and his dad is a homebrewer who would like to put some in the bar.
They've upgraded a couple of the taps and are talking about getting rid of coors or coors light to make room for another quality tap. They rotate some of the good beer taps so that they can give some variety.
The kid was even telling me about using the water from a local spring along a gravel road out in the woods for brewing.
There is about a 1" pipe coming out of the hill with good constant flow that many people stop to get water from when they are going by.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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