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Default Need help for clarify the beer from new brewer

Hi guys,

I'm looking for making my beer clear. I heard that using Irish Moss during the last 15 minute of boiling will help clarify the wort after the fermentation.

However, I'm in Thailand and can't find any Irish Moss. I just wondering if I can use Gelatin powder or Agar powder instead of Irish Moss? Is there any other substance that I can buy off the supermarket?

Thanks in advance!

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unflavored gelatin is often used as a fining agent to clear beer. i've found that time and gravity usually clear my beers up just fine, i use irish moss (whirlfloc), but that's pretty much it. a few weeks in primary, then another few in bottles should clear the beer just fine.

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Give the gelatin a try. Or wait, gravity always works, even in Thailand (so I've heard).

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If you can buy online, look for whirlflock. It is irish moss in tablet or powder form, and it is added with 15 minutes left in the boil. It coagulate proteins in the beer so they drop out in the kettle. Some more tips: After the boil is finished, "whirl pool" the beer in the kettle with a large spoon with out oxygenating it, let it sit for 10 minutes to allow the trub and hops to settle to the bottom of the kettle, then rack off into your fermenter (obviously cooling it down, and other processes depending on your equipment). After fermentation, crash cool it before packaging by placing the fermenter in a fridge for a day or so. The goal is to get the beer down to at least 40 degrees so the yeast will go dormant and flocculate to the bottom quickly producing a clear beer to package (this will again depend on your equipment ie: naturally or forced carbonation). Lastly, look for a product called biofine, its charged particles attracts yeast and helps it settle to the bottom as well.
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Default Gelatine Finings

There are two items to consider.
If you do not have a wort chiller I highly recommend getting one ASAP.
Cooling your wort down from boiling to pitching tempature creates a protien break and helps to eliminate one of the major contributors to haze.

Adding gelatine finings to the secondary fermenter will also help to collect the material that remains suspended in the liquid.

I use a 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of water. Soak the gelatine for 15 to 30 minutes then put in microwave for 45 seconds (boil) and then let it cool down to 75F and pour gently on top.

The gelatine will cool down and then sink to the bottom and clump suspended materials and settle on the bottom.
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Remember - if using gelatine you want to use it towards the end of the brewing phase, a day or two before you bottle/keg (IIRC), not as part of the boil.

Other ticks I know of are time (as mentioned above) making sure you cool the wort very rapidly between kettle and fermentation vessel, and the 'cold crash'. This is when all fermentation is finished, chill the beer right down to around 4C for a day or so, to help more stuff drop out.

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Or use a high flocculation yeast,that helps a lot. Leave it in primary till FG is reached. Then give it another 3-7 days to settle out clear or slightly misty before bottling. It'll seetle out clear in the bottles in a couple days.
Having said that,in addition you want to get the hot wort in the BK down to pitch temp in 20 minutes or less. This will give little to no chill haze come fridge time.

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