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I have an upcoming stout that calls for a British Ale or ESB yeast.

Is there a dried option available?

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Fermentis Safale S04...


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I used Danstar yeast for my last stout. They have a Nottingham and Windsor.


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S04, Nottingham? Nottingham is neutral, S04 is quite fruity.

There are better options with liquid yeast. Can you not get any?

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Originally Posted by ChillWill View Post

There are better options with liquid yeast. Can you not get any?
totally agree. if you can't get liquid, 04 will work fine, but the options with liquid are much better, especially with english strains.
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it's not a barley wine. it's an ale.
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S04 or Windsor are great options as Dry British Ale yeasts.


From the Fermentis Website : "A well known English ale strain noted for its fast fermentation and rapid settling. Used in the production of a wide range of ales including English ale styles."

Safale S04 is a good all-purpose yeast for producing all styles of English beers as well as any other beer where you might want a somewhat fruity yet clean finish. This yeast folcculates well, which will help in producing a nice, clear beer given the proper time to settle out. The temperature range given on the Fermentis website is a very generous 59 to 75 degrees F. This can be helpful to ale brewer who may be at the mercy of a basement or other space.
Windsor Ale Yeast

Brewers wanting to create authentic English-style ales choose Danstar Windsor yeast to bring out the right characteristics from their beer.

Windsor ale yeast is a true English strain that produces a beer which is estery to both palate and nose with a slight fresh yeasty flavor. Beers created with Windsor are usually described as full-bodied, fruity English ales. Brewers choose Windsor to produce beers that range from pale ale to porter with moderate alcohol levels and the flavor & arom
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I'm a huge fan of Nottingham for my house ales, but I just used a way-over-age* packet of S-04 on a Dry Stout I brewed, and it blew fermenting wort through the bubbler and all over the side of the carboy. I think it was ALIVE!

*Expired 4/2010 - I pitched it on 1/22/2012 to *obviously* great results...
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If you use Windsor, be warned that it is a low attenuator and will leave a fairly sweet beer.

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Depends, i used Windsor only once or twice -one on a English Honey Biscuit partial mash and it attenuated down to 1.007,near one of my lowest, i noted a slight tartness and some mild esters more in aroma, i always think the esters are pretty mild with dried yeast, like 04, i would use it anytime i wouldnt have 05 as a replacement (either or) unless it was a particular beer like yours that you wanted more specific-usually doing mid 60's ferment on average.

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I have used Windsor in my stouts with good results. Interestingly, it is a quick fermenter, working very quickly, the krausen rose and fell within 24 hours.

It's a good dry yeast option for stouts, in my experience.

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