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Originally Posted by akimbo78 View Post
wait until you have kids, and you have to ask when you can brew so that she can watch the kid. makes it tougher, cause now you are affecting her time.

that being said my wife has been understanding, frustrated at times, but she enjoys the end result. i can tell when i'm pushing it. balance.
Ha! So true... I now have to brew on my time i.e. in the evening or some other non family time

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Feb 2012
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Originally Posted by Sardoman View Post
Her obsession is clothes shopping/fashion. Always has been. She has been very good about understanding that I just don't care about it. I do my best to offer a substantive opinion when she models her new outfit for me even though I don't really care unless it shows some skin. And she is good about having family and girlfriends to share that obsession with. We have other interests that we share.

So when I started brewing I tried to have the same consideration for her. I try to brew stuff that she will like, mostly to no avail, but I try not to bother her too much about the process because she just doesn't care.

It works for us. She can go shop while I'm home brewing. Maybe you could encourage your wife to more actively pursue one of her interests that could become an obsession of her own.

I am definitely going to be steering her away from shopping as a hobby.... LOL Well, at least as much as possible.....

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My wife caught me sniffing the airlock one morning.. I felt like a pervert when she got through laughing at but i still do it when she ain't around

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Both my husband and I have interests and obsessions that, when we talk about it, makes the other get that glazed over look of "that's nice dear". He loves the beer I make, but obsessive brew talk, not so much.

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I love how the "deer in the headlights" look comes across MOST people's faces when they want to talk to me about brewing not just the wife's. The problems everyone is having is NOT as isolated as they think.

I have been working to get my wife involed with brewing for over a year, closer to 2. I went so far even as to make a batch up and tried to get her to pour the yeast in, technically making her a brewer... yet another glorious crash and burn... then it slowly happened... I started going to homebrew club meetings.

It only took me coming home talking about socializing and trying new beers INSTEAD OF BREWING DIRECTLY one time and she wanted to come to the next meeting to check it out. Next month we go to the meeting and have a GREAT time. The next day she brings up how much fun we had and I ask if she wanted to become a member. She took a few minutes and then agreed.

A few months go by and she is reminding me "to bottle a few up for the meeting" and is looking to a hobby that is not brewing. I had been planting the seeds of starting a hobby that produces something, like homebrewing. She really wanted a hobby that was what homebrewing is to me, for herself. We talked about cheese and she had tried a few others that she did NOT like. Then after a few well designed subtle hints, she wanted to try soap making. She did and loved it.

Now she "babbles at lengths" about soap making, the processes and equipment. I have a minor understanding of what is going on but I let her do her thing and she lets me do mine. This gives us each the unique perspective of "what it is like to be the other person". We are still in the homebrew club and she has no interest outside the club (and drinking it) about homebrewing and I feel much the same about soap.

Her soaps are great, get me clean and make me smell good. I have no interest in ever making a batch, it is just not "my thing". We both have a good laugh when one of us gets lost in the others "hobby babble" and that just goes with the territory of being passionate about something.

In my experience I would suggest you try to encourage ANY product producing hobby and see what happens.

I'm not drunk, I'm from Wisconsin.
We have been out drinking your state since 1848!

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Shes jeolous,tell her you infatuated with brewing not in love with it. They(generally) dont like when your more interested in something else and giving your attenention and excitment to it. Sniff her like your airlock,throw hops into her shampoo if you have to.

Seriously though,you can actually make soaps and shampoos with beer or hops.Not to mention the things you can do with spent grains.
Maybe she will think differently after trying your beers over time-maybe its just an adjustment she needs time to get familar with.

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Jan 2012
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Fighting the same battle here. I get most of my brewing done when she is at school. Will have to get a batch of Apfelwein going for her and hopefully smooth the waters for bigger equipment.

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Jan 2012
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Fortunately my supports my new found love of brewing. I'm going on my fourth extract kit. It has been nice, however she thought it was something you could just set and leave. So I explained the process and when it came time for brew day #1 it was mayhem trying to keep a 16 month old and a 2 1/2 year old from trying to grab everything and anything they could get to. Other than that she's liked everything I've brewed. She doesn't like the smell, so I told her she could get me a burner and new kettle or dont complain. So, now there are no more complaints about smell. I was really hoping for the burner and kettle. I'll take it though.

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Jan 2012
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*my wife

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Dec 2011
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My wife has told me recently that I talk way too much about brewing and it seems that all I want to talk about is brewing. I now find myself catching myself and trying hard not to talk about the subject. I have gotten her to brew a batch of cream ale the other day and she seems to be interested. She likes to bottle cause she knows its only a matter of a couple weeks before she gets to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Its tough but keep on keeping on. It will get better.

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