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BIAB does not lead to a cloudy beer, it leads to a massive trub cake in your primary.

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Originally Posted by iijakii View Post
BIAB does not lead to a cloudy beer, it leads to a massive trub cake in your primary.
And, the yeast love it! Looks for an article coming soon in BYO on this topic
~ BIAB : All Grain Made Easy ; Mash, Sparge, Boil all in the same Kettle ~ all you need is a bag and a hook!

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I don't really worry about cloudiness, but most of my beers are pretty clear anyways.

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I sometimes hear comments about nearly crystal clear wort coming out of the boil to the fermenter. I just never come close to seeing anything like that with my beers. I've tried whirlfloc on occasion, but noticed little improvement, so gave up on that — didn't need the extra expense for minimum results. I use an immersion chiller and get the wort to 80º or below within 15-20 minutes in most cases.

I use a brew bag, but not in the classic fashion. I line a 6 gallon bucket with wrap around insulation in the same manner as a standard tun, the bag acting as a manifold or braid. I mash and sparge in the same way one would with a traditional tun. For clearing the finished beer I use gelatin finings, sometimes in the primary and sometimes in a secondary, and let the gelatin do its work for 3 or 4 days. I'd call most of my beers clear, but not gin-so. The wheat beers remain a bit cloudy even after fining. That's okay by me, doesn't effect the taste.

But clear wort out of the brewpot? Never happens for me.

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I have been interested in this as well. I have 4 all grain BIAB runs under my belt, and1 has been completely crystal clear (cream of three crops ale) two have been cloudy although one is only a few days in the keg but the other one (an IPA) never really cleared. The fourth was too dark for me to tell really well. All have tasted great, but my extract brews have been much clearer (although not 100% of them). I did switch from RO water with the extract brews to tap water with the all grain brews. I do also notice that my wort is pretty clear going into the fermenter. I have been using US05 for most of my yeast, so this latest beer will be interesting as I used Northwest Ale yeast.

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Absolutely not. I do BIAB. This prime example is a IIPA with 4.5 oz of hops in the keg. I just pulled it to show you what irish moss and a good cold crash will get you with BIAB.
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Originally Posted by paraordnance View Post
Most of my beers are cloudy and I BIAB. Not sure if its related since I never tried traditional method. I have Oktoberfest lager which is 4 months old and its cloudy. Clear but not brilliantly clear, hazy some sort. All my beers end up that way, and I'm not sure what to blame. I use whirfloc last 5 min of boil, I chill within 20 min and have really good cold break. My wort going from kettle to primary is so clear its hard to believe sometimes. I have 4 weeks primary on most beers and additional lagering time for lagers and kolsch alike. My beers never clear up, may be its BIAB related or have something to do with my tap water (I use 50:50 ratio with RO)
I have to take my words back washed my glass that I usually drink from (usually just rinse it) and beer is crystal clear. Sorry for confusion

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Agree with others that BIAB does not cause cloudy beer. That break will all drop out in primary if you have a good hot break, good cold break, and use kettle finings. I get pretty clear beer, some are crystal clear.

The problem I had was excessive trub in the primary. Whereas I used to be able to get 52 bottles from a batch with extract, I was getting maybe 42-44 with BIAB. One gallon of the fermenter was trub and yeast in the fermenter. This was using a double paint strainer bag approach. Since switching to a much tighter weave bag I'm back up to 48 beers per batch. Good enough in my book to keep doing BIAB for the foreseeable future.
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