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voltage converter, I like that i can plug this thing in anywhere instead of having to hook up to 220 power

i bought mine here the 5000 model. no issues yet. I tried looking for a higher quality unit but this seems to work fine. it seems all the voltage converters out there come from companies with cheesy websites and look low quality. if any one finds a better quality unit please let me know.

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Lovin the braumeister so far. 3 brews down to date. The only thing i am thinking of doing is to make some sort of braumeister hop-sock to make the cleanup faster and also prevent the tap from blocking when i tip the unit over to get the last of the wort out.

Anyone got any novel ideas for a braumeister hopsock? Show us some pictures if you have!

As i have not used a hop-sock before i am slightly concerned about the hop utilisation. I guess the only way to know is to give it a go.

The only part of my brewday which involves any work is the cleanup of the unit. I make sure to give it a good cleaning every time. Also I heat some water in the unit and run the pumps before i put in the actual water for the boil. I empty this water out again. Probably overkill - but just want to make sure.

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Default dip tube mod & whirlpool

1.) I want to do the dip-tube mod that is mentioned here and the in the main braumeister thread, but I don't know how to solder/weld. Can I still put those pieces together somethow?

2.) Is it possible to get a quality whirlpool going using the braumeister's internal pump? Does anybody use an external pump to whirlpool, and does having an immersion chiller get in the way of whirlpooling in that case?
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What do you guys use to clean the elements, i have been using an abrasive sponge but it is tough to get in all the books and crannies.

Also thinking of trying no chill brewing and need to buy a different tube for the outpout as the temps would melt what i have now. Any suggestions on diameter and material that i could clamp on the output on my 20l bm?
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Hi guys,

I would like to change the valve on the Braumeister 50 to this one:

(It says that the diameter is 1 inch)

In order to connect the output of the wort to the cooling system.
Is the sizing and the screwing are right?
I measured the diameter of the valve screwing of 1 inch.

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Hi, I am also looking to replace the tap with a ball valve.

I bought a 1/2" ball valve

I have measured the female thread on the Braumeister at 1" (25mm) so I am going to need a stainless 1" male to 1/2" male reducing nipple and some PTFE tape and then a 1/2" nipple from the other side of the ball valve.

Does anyone know the specifics of the 1" thread on the Braumeister???

Also anyone got the dimensions of the black rubber U seal people use on the two top filters? I bought some of ebay but it was too thick and the plates wouldn't go back in the Malt Pipe!!!

However I used it around both the handles to make it easier on the hands
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Originally Posted by FiveKaiBrewing View Post
a good mod would be to use plasti dip on the legs.

you would have to suspend the braumeister in the air pust the platidip in a container (tupperware for example) and dip the legs in it and let dry.

this should give you a nice rubber coating on the legs that wont cut you or sctch any surface you put it on. ive done this to a couple of things in the garage never thought about the braumeister. but it does need it those legs come to sharp and scratch my countertop if i tilt or mobe it a bit while brewinbg
So I'm about to try this, and I'm too lazy to keep searching. How did you get the bottom of the legs level and smooth?

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