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Apr 2011
Yakima, WA
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I recently had an issue with a beer not carbing up so I decided that the easiest way to rescue it would be to buy some carbonation tablets, open each bottle, pop them in, recap and then wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I didn't know at the time that I would prefer to drink a flat beer than a beer that has been primed with Munton's CarbTabs. I should have checked here before making any decisions but who would suspect that carbonation tablets would ruin their beer?

As you will find here and on any other home-brewing forum, people who have used Munton's CarbTabs have had nothing but horrible experiences. And they are all the same - unreliable carbonation and horrid, revolting, ghastly little chunks floating around in the beer. When holding a bottle up to the light, it looks as if someone suffered a severe bout of diarrhea and had to relieve themselves of their intestinal pressure in my bottling bucket just before bottling the beers.

This product is a disgrace to the home-brewing industry and Munton's should be absolutely humiliated. I have never been so disappointed by any product that I paid my hard-earned money for in my entire life.

Can you imagine your local auto parts store selling car wax that scratches your car while making the paint shiny? Or your local drug store selling tooth paste that cleans your teeth but turns some of them brown? Of course not; that would be absurd. So why should your local home-brew supply store sell a carbonation tablet that does a mediocre job, at best, of carbonating while leaving repulsive little morsels floating around in your beer that you invested a significant amount of valuable time, money and passion into making? They should not. I hope any home-brew supply store owner/manager/employee that sees this post decides to pull this horrible product off of their shelves immediately.

This is the first Munton's product I've bought and it will be, without a doubt, the last. Munton's should bow out in disgrace and get out of the home-brewing industry completely.

If you are ever considering purchasing this product, do not. In fact, I would be extremely wary of purchasing any Munton's product after seeing the quality of their CarbTabs. If they are willing to push garbage like this into the marketplace as if it were a legitimate product, their nerve and impudence know no bounds.

You have been warned fellow lovers of beer. Munton's CarbTabs will ruin your beer just as they have ruined mine and the beers of countless others. Please don't make the same mistake. Life's too short to drink beer carbed with Munton's CarbTabs.

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Sep 2008
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How do you really feel?

I used them once years ago. Honestly don't remember how it worked though.. I must not have been that impressed...
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Never used carb drops - but Muntons LME and DME are very good...
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Dec 2009
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This one time I was drinking a glass of water and I choked on some of it. Never drink such a disgraceful product such as water. I can't believe they allow it to be sold. Anyone who has ever drank water should be ashamed.
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Jul 2011
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ever maybe think the beer was crap before that tabs went in? seeing that its the first and only time you used them? and also the fact that there was carbing suger in there + more sugers from the tabs? more fermentables = more waste/sedement. Most of the time its my process at blame (and frikin tape water)
just my 2c

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Jun 2008
Damascus, MD
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I've used them twice and both times they performed as advertised. No issues and I always keep some on hand in case I have more beer than the kegs will hold.

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Oct 2010
Leola, PA
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I used them once when I forgot to throw in the priming sugar before bottling. While there were a few tiny pieces of residue floating in the bottles, they pretty much settled out once the bottles were chilled for a while. Not as nice as bulk priming, but they certainly didn't ruin my beer.

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Oct 2009
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I've used them for beers I've entered into competition gold medals...can't be that bad ;-)

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"Unreliable carbonation" what does that mean? Usually it means "I didn't wait long enough to let the beer carb after I added whatever form of fermentable I was carbing with, because the process of carbing is foolproof, you add sugar and the yeast eats it, and farts co2....In time." So if it's "unreliable" it usually means "I'm in patient." Because all beers carb eventually, though they may not carb at the same rate, because every bottle is a seperate little fermenter, and they're going to all be affected by the environment, so slightly warmer bottle, maybe closer to the nearest heat vent will carb a tad faster than it's neighbor... But they all will usually carb within 3-6 weeks when above 70...

And most folks know, that carb tabs take longer for the yeast to break down, since it's not a nice little liquid like bottle primers add. So they know to factor in a couple MORE weeks....if you have chunks, floating, that's a good indication it ain't done, and you should even bother opening them till all that is dissolved or settles into the sediment layer.

I vote operator error (in other words impatience).....For all the folks online who complain about them....
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Apr 2011
Yakima, WA
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Just do a Google search and you all will see that there are countless examples in various forums all over the internet of the exact same problem. If you don't consider your beer ruined when it has chunks of sh%t floating around in it, you just don't take enough pride in your craft. I had a few bottles that didn't need the CarbTabs and they are crystal clear. The Munton's tabs don't break down all the way. Sure, the chunks got smaller but they reached a point of not breaking down any further. Other posters have said they've experience beers that still have chunks after 1 year.

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