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Originally Posted by Patirck View Post
I don't have a way to check the pressure (unless there is some trick you can share). The shutter is fully open. How long should it take to bring 11ish gallons of water from 65ish to boil?
Less than 80 min. You said you have the LP spring and cap screw installed right? It's easy enough to make a simple u type manometer to measure the pressure using some plastic tubing, a ruler, and some scrap wood. Without a manometer, you can use the valves NG to LP conversion instructions to get the pressure pretty close to 10" WC, which IMO would be a decent place to start. Here's an excerpt-

Originally Posted by Honeywell
VR8200 and VR4200 gas controls can be converted
from one gas to another. To convert from natural gas to LP,
use the 393691 LP Conversion Kit that is included with the
gas control. To convert from LP to natural gas, use the
394588 Natural Gas Conversion Kit (ordered separately).
VR8200C,P and VR4200C,P gas controls cannot be converted.
To convert control from one gas to another:
1. Turn off main gas supply to the appliance.
2. Remove the regulator cap screw and pressure regulator
adjusting screw. See Fig. 2 or 3.
3. Remove the existing spring.
4. Insert the replacement spring with the tapered end
down. See Fig. 4.
5. Install the new plastic pressure regulator adjustment
screw so that the top of the screw is flush (level) with the top
of the regulator. Turn the pressure regulator adjustment
screw clockwise six complete turns. This provides a
preliminary pressure setting of about 10.0 in. wc
Eidt: Here's an example of a simple manometer-
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I'm going to make a manometer - I had no idea it was that simple. I am picking up the third banjo burner today as well as a regulator designed for this setup (all from brewers hardware).

Thanks for the help!

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I made a manometer using 1/2" vinyl tube taped to some scrap wood. I installed the new regulator I purchased from brewershardware. The new regulator isinterestingly enough is the same exact model I happened upon in a local RV store trying to piece this together after learning about low pressure vs. high pressure - this is the one that I swapped out for a BBQ regulator from osh and it worked although a bit slow.

The manometer (my wife loves this term), shoots up to 8 - 9 inches then starts coming down and settles in at 6.5 inches. This is after turning the adjustment screw on the honeywell valve in as far as it will go.

I think the spike in pressure is probably just from the valve turning quickly. I'm betting that the 6.5" is what matters here. There is no adjustment on the regulator and I can't figure out where to go from here. It works but it is taking a long time to heat stuff up - longer than it should.

Any other way of testing the honeywell valves? Any other settings anywhere on these honeywell valves?

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You can't unscrew the black cap? Also you need to do the flow test before the honeywell valves. You take a measurement with out the burners running then light them one at a time. Make sure you don't drop below 7 in.

Also how many btu is the regulator rated for? Honesty looks like that hose is way too small to carry enough gas to supply 225k btu
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