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Jan 2012
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I use goof off for the residual sticky left from labels like Cigar city. I use the spray on gel version, let it sit and wipe it off in 15 minutes. Works like a charm. Though I switched to using purely Bruery bottles, those labels peel off with no soaking and all the glue stays on the label (added bonus I stick them on my fridge and they stay no problem).

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Feb 2012
Fort Collins, CO
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My roommate brought a couple dozen short Mexican bottles with tinfoil by the top that is near impossible to remove.. filling them is also a spill waiting to happen. (They're on the bottom of my bottling cabinet)

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Apr 2010
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Originally Posted by TheKeg81 View Post
Man, what do you use? I have to keep them in hot, soapy water for forever and then they only partially come off. I have to use my steel wool scrubber to get the paper and glue completely off. Abita bottles on the other hand...those labels just float away.

To stay on topic, my most hated one was from the Ola Dub 16 I drank. The glue is still so sticky on that one that I can lay my palm on it and carry it around without closing my hand around the bottle.
I just do a hot soapy bath with dish detergent, let them sit about 20 mins and then use a razor blade. Labels and glue both come right off.

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Jul 2006
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+1 on Short's bottles. I too gave up on those. They go straight to bottle return.

On a side note, I work in a restaurant which just throws their bottles out at night. Unfortunately the beer selection isn't great. I've been saving Sam Adam's bottles, and now have about 8 cases +. Those are a snap to De-label. Just a soak in HOT water and the body and neck labels come off easily.
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Apr 2011
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An awful lot of trouble and time inveted in removing labels here. I don't even bother. I just buy multiple colors of caps and use a sharpie to mark them. The only time I was a clean, label free bottle is for sending to competition. As a rule of thumb the old labels don't bother me in the least. It seems a waste of water, cleaners and time to remove them.

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Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by SittingDuck View Post
Negro modelo with the foil.

And I love those bottles, too: they are the absolute perfect shape for home brew/bottle conditioned beer since the bulbous flare before the neck traps all the yeast and sediment during the pour and the general shape of the bottle means there's never any glug.

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May 2011
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Different thought... Anchor Steam 12 oz

They are paper thin and the neck flair is so small it it's extraordinarily hard to get a crown on straight with a wing capper .... That is if you don't break it in the process!

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Mar 2011
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Originally Posted by sendkyleanemail
It seems a waste of water, cleaners and time to remove them.
what waste? I clean all bottles, whether labeled or otherwise, in an oxyclean solution prior to bottling. So there's no extra time, water, or cleaner involved.
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Originally Posted by BeardtreeBrewing View Post
Dos Equis labels are impossible to delabel. I soak everything in oxy clean and all the labels float to the top except those damn dos Equis bottles... I have found magic hat to be a pain as well.
I don't have any problem with Dos Equis bottles, peel the foil, soak, touch up with scorchbrite if necessary and they are clean.

I like em all.. It's REALLY hard to get that Corona label off....
They are actually pretty easy, just soak in acid, and the paint dissolves right off.

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by discnjh View Post

Sure, but Abita bottles suck. I've had a few break on me during capping because of the thin lip. I have some cleaned and de-labelled that I don't want if you want some free bottles.
I will get myself some oxyclean before my next label removal/bottle cleaning "party" then.

I saw you offer bottles, thought "Hrmm, shipping would probably kill me." Noticed that you were <20 mins away....Awesome!

As far as the bottles breaking, this was my first time using them and I didn't have any break, but it was only a dozen or so of them of the 85-90 I bottled last weekend. So, yes, I might indeed take those off your hands! Going to need some in about 2 more weeks.

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