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Dec 2011
Edison, New Jersey
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Brewmigo is a 5 gallon All-Grain electric brewery built from scratch using home appliances other equipment that are easily available. Total Cost to build is $900.

I named it so since it is every Brewer's dream to have a friend around and help them check/maintain temperatures and keep things in control in the different stages of brewing all-grain and not even have to access the control panel....everything in this system is wireless! See the youtube demo below.

Features of the Brewmigo are:
  • Brewmigo's brain is supported by an Arduino Uno Micro-controller. Arduino connects to the different components in the system via a shield.
  • Wireless remote allows easy setup of the system.
  • 3 PID modules for the Hot Liquor Tank, Recirculating Infusion Mash, and the Main Kettle.
  • The LCD module displays current and target temperatures along with the status of each module.
  • 2 Auxiliary component outlets which are currently used for a March Pump and an Exhaust Fan.
  • LCD also displays a clock which helps the brewer keep track of the different stages.
  • Entire system consists of stainless steel or Brass(lead-free) fixtures for easy transfer of liquid.
  • 20 plate wort chiller provides rapid cooling of wort after the boil is complete.

Components of The Brewmigo:
Arduino Uno Micro Controller: Cost to build ($100)
PID1 for HLT
Sensor DS18B20
Relay: Fotek 25Amp Relay
Sensor DS18B20
Relay: Fotek 25Amp Relay
Sensor DS18B20
Relay: Fotek 75Amp Relay
Aux1 and Aux2
Relay: Dual Channel SONGLE 10A (bought in ebay for $6)
IR Receiver
Module 38 kHz TSOP4838
IR Transmitter
Stole it from my wife's Sony DVD player which she uses for watching workout videos...prolly gives her more workout
LCD Panel
Graphic ST7565 Negative LCD (128x64)
Libraries Used
Time.h,IRremote.h,OneWire.h,DallasTemperature.h,ST 7565.h
HLT: Hot Liquor Tank (1500 Watt Element @ 120V). Raises 2.5F for 4 gallons of water in 1 minute. Cost to build ($60)

Mash Tun: Cost to build ($50)

March Pump: 809HS-PL Cost to build($200)

RIM: Recirculating Infusion Mash (1000 Watt Element @ 120V). Cost to build ($50)

Raises 1.85F for the 4 Gallon mash in 1 minute. The RIMs module is a noodle/pasta boiler bought at a local Chinese super market. The appliance consists of a 1000 watt heating element

KET: Main Kettle (5500 Watt element @ 240V). Raises 5.5F for 7 gallons of liquid in 1 minute. Cost to build ($250)

The main kettle consists of the most powerful element in this system and is supported by a 75Amp Fotek relay backed up by a huge aliminuim heat sink. The Arduino default target for this element is 210F. Once the temperature reaches (Target-1F), Arduino will switch the element on/off every 6 seconds. This seems to be the only way to control the vigorous boil.

Wort Chiller: Total cost to build ($125)
20 plate wort chiller does a real neat job of cooling 5 gallons in 2 minutes!!

Reason: Added more videos

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Mar 2010
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Very nice first post!

Excellent work.
"You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of beer."

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Boar Beer
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Mar 2008
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I was married for 10 years before my wife knew I drank.
Then one day I made a mistake and came home from work sober

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Great post, excellent work. The most informative first post I have seen, I look forward to your future upgrades. Thanks for sharing.

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Feb 2010
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Great post, not like many other builds on here.
Will you provied more details on the Arduino Micro Controller and other parts used for control?

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Jun 2011
springfield, ma
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That's pretty awesome

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Dec 2011
Edison, New Jersey
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Thank you all for the feedback!!

I have updated the post so it is at the beginning.

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Excellent work Jersey boy! Way to represent...haha. Seriously, very cool build.... well done!

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Nice work!

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Feb 2012
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Do you have any details on how you set up the one wire network with the arduino? Thanks

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