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Apr 2007
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The way I sanitized my carboy, and how I plan on sanitizing my bottling bucket is to fell them very close to the top with water (~6 gallons) and add the appropriate amount of One-Step. I was also planning on throwing my bottles and the like into the bucket for sanitization as well. But this seems, for my carboy especially, to be a lot of water and sanitizer to use. Is there a more effecient way to sanitize my large vessels?
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I fill halfway up then splash it to the top and let it stay wet for 5-10 minutes. Then pour into bottling bucket and do the same thing. Then put clean bottles a few at a time into bucket and use my dishwasher as a bottle holder as they come out of the solution. Keep in mind, you can reuse the solution from bucket to bucket for a bunch of applications before you need to make a new solution.

O, one more thing...add the san first, then put the water in. This way it will mix itself.

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Your sanitizing solution only needs to be in contact with the walls of whatever you are sanitizing for about 1 minute. So by swirling the solution around every minute or so for about 5 minutes should be more than enough time. Or you can agitate the solution for about a minute continuously or use a rag saoked in solution and wipe the walls down for a minute or so.

I agree with Kavos no need to use 6 gallons in a 6 gallon bucket / carboy or whatever.

A gallon in a 6 gallon carboy should be more than enough.

Here a web page on Iodophor.
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Apr 2007
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I just fill a spray bottle up with my Idophor and spray everything down. Then I slap an airlock on there and let it do it's thing. By the time I'm ready to pitch everything is nice and bug-free. I haven't had any infections thusfar, so it must be working.

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Idophor has a 20sec required contact time, this includes the time it is wet and dripping. A small amount of solution in the carboy, shaken up to cover all the interior surface for a few seconds, then drained should be sufficient.
Same goes for bottles. They sell a device that squirts a small amount of sanitizer into the bottle. You can do this instead of filling them all the way up, soaking, and draining.
I usually make up 1gal of idophor when I brew. The key is making sure everything is clean first. This allows the sanitizer to be most effective.

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