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Jan 2012
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I'm going to be running copper today for airlines in my shop. In the next month I'll be moving my brewery into the shop (electric). Can you you think of any uses for having compressed air in the brewery section?

All I could think of was blow drying things (ie, blow out hose sections, etc.)

Can you all think of anything else? It'll literally cost me a few elbows, a tee, and a air chuck, so I can't think of a reason to not put air there (its closer to where my compressor is, so I'll be running by anyways.)


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Just keep in mind - air coming from an air compressor is pretty far from sanitary (not to mention oils). The only time I've used an air compressor in brewmaking is to blow out my immersion chiller; any hoses that have beer/wort through them, I just hang to dry.
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Nov 2010
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Jan 2012
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Pneumatic actuators!
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If you have a compressor you obviously have tools, I would run a line just to run your tools in the brewery with our having to run a hose all over your house. I ran a airline into the back of a closet, just so I don't have to leave the door to the garage open and listen to the compressor run.

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Nov 2011
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I used compressed air to blow cleaning solution through my corneys, up through the beer lines, out through the faucets, instead of wasting my Co2.

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I use my air compressor to pressurize a keg filled with PBW (or any caustic cleaner) for cleaning. these cleaning agents use high or basic pH to work.If you pressurize with CO2 the CO2 dissolves in the solution and starts to neutralize the basic pH of the cleaning solution reducing its ability to clean.

But thats about all I use compressed air for in my brewing.

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Jun 2006
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Without an air dryer or an oil separator I wouldn't use compressed air from a shop type air compressor for anything in my brewery, except maybe for blowing the water out of my IC. Certainly not for anything that touches the beer!

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Sep 2010
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Ive seen people use air pressure to blow back thru a Mash from below to "unstick" it . But Id really want that air to be clean & oil free.
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Feb 2011
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Air-driven pumps? Thats about all I've got...

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