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I just finished a Spagnols wine kit and ready to bottle. The starting and final OG I'm showing match the expected gravity shown in the kit directions. Although when I calculate the ABV I'm getting an answer of -4 ABV.

I would think I did something wrong if the gravities didn't match what was in the directions. Is there a different calculation for ABV of wine as opposed to beer?

OG 0.999
FG 1.030

*Edit* I just figured it out. I had the wrong # under OG. Should be OG 1.060, Secondary 0.999, FG 1.030

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I got u figured at around 4% not -4%. got your gravities posted wrong though og=original gravity fg=final gravity. there are tons of abv formula one is og-fg x .129.

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Uh, I'm confused about these numbers. It looks like you have something wrong in there. I don't know how you can go back up unless you add more sugars.

Kind of a strange curve, unless I'm missing something.
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Did you sweeten the wine post fermentaion?


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