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The subject says it all. I have a kettle with a thermometer, a brewers edge thermometer, a floating thermometer, a digital probe thermometer and a digital probe thermometer with the long cord on it that's separate from the display unit. 16 degrees F separate the highest from the lowest - WTF!!

Being a new all-grain brewer, this is really sapping my confidence Has anyone else noticed any similarly off thermometers? And here I thought they were pretty basic devices with an assumed level of accuracy. MOst disconcerting is the probe that alarms when a safe for consumption temperature has been seems to be 10 degrees hotter on average than three of the other four which have reached a general consensus. That means when it tells me my meat is 150, it's really 140!!

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Check them with ice water or boiling water. Should be 32 and 212. That way you can tell which ones are off.

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The temperature stratifies significantly in all grain. At least that has been my experience with my few BIAB brews so far. The temp under the grain is significantly higher than the temp in the center of the grain which is higher than the temp on the surface. I try to reduce that with stirring but I don't think that is an option in normal all grain.

If you mean the thermometers themselves in the same test liquids then you need to calibrate them. Most have a screw or nut or button on them for calibration.

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Not surprised. I have a digital instant read, and my in kettle bimetallic. The digital gets calibrated periodically against near freezing water, and I calibrated the bimetallic against that. It was about two degrees off.

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mine were that way until i calibrated mine.
they were about 10* off from each other. but my beer was already goin, so i did it for my next brew and so far so good!
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Buy a Thermapen, and throw all the rest away.

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Originally Posted by usfmikeb View Post
Buy a Thermapen, and throw all the rest away.
+1. I was having the same problem but this product is fantastic. A bit pricey but well worth it!
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Yes, I love my Thermapen!

The man who has one thermometer (if it's a Thermapen) always knows what the temperature is. The man with 2 (or 5) is never quite sure.

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Jan 2010
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Check them all against boiling water. If one of them says 212, it's correct. Use that one. Never use the others.

I had the same problem as you until I did exactly what I said above and now I only ever use my Blichmann Brewmometer. Getting used to one thermometer means consistent results.
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Thermapen = $95.00!!!!! Holy Crap!!
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