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Originally Posted by Bhunter87 View Post
Love it. 2 show meads, 2 yeasts. Please post all activity!!!
Don't think there would be ANY losers in this one...

I'm recovering from using the right angle grinder for two days to get my keggle (to be) polished up. Within the next few evenings, I'll mix up the batches and get them cranking away... I've been meaning to get these two started for a bit anyway, so now there's an even bigger reason to do it.

Just need to do the testing to see how much sugar the honey has in it, so that I can use the correct amount to hit my goal.
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Please excuse the hijack.....

In response to Golddiggies point, I don't hate EC-1118. It's a very good yeast, for making stuff that has many qualities of a champagne/sparkling wine.

But that is all it does. People who rave about it as if its some sort of magic bullet. It's not.

One of the first experiments I did when I started with meads was a side by side of 1118, 1116 & 71B. When the batches were first cleared, my taste test gave me 71B top, with the other two joint second. Actually the 1118 was just flat, indistinct, uninspiring and the K1V was a little rough.

6 months later, the 1118 batch hadn't really changed much, the 71B was still pretty good, but the K1V batch was bloody marvellous. A mellowed taste, wonderful aromatics, etc etc. Yes I still didn't know what I do these days, just the differences of taste and smell, but later learning has taught me better.

If you want to make a batch with many qualities of a champagne, then make a dry, more subtle one with champagne yeast, if you're making something different, then leave the EC-1118 where it belongs, in a drawer for sparkling batches and restarting stuckies.

My preference with traditionals, is for D21, then K1V. Though the K1V can also be used for many of the issues that 1118 is used for. So to me, its preferable.

Don't get stuck on the hype. Recent blind tests have shown our sparkling whites to be superior, the result of conscious effort to improve. And not just the results of luck, tradition, public relations and a gullible public. The French didn't like competition. Which is why they like AOC and PDO designation. When someone beats them at their own game, they hate it:..........
"What the large print giveth, the small print taketh away". Tom Waits.

Oh, and here's some blog stuff!

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