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Feb 2012
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"Trying to visualize the dynamics of this split method. I have nothing to back it up, but what I'm seeing is water taking the path of least resistance and mostly going through only one side of the chiller. Seems like if the pipe size had been reduced down when branched the volume in each section would be constant, but the way it is wouldn't one side be relatively stagnant while the bulk of the water went the other way?"
I was kind of thinking the same thing myself but I don't think it will make much difference in the end. The two sides are within about 3" of each other. I was actually thinking of making 2 outlets so you could actually measure the output of each side. Its easy enough to solder / unsolder them so I will probably play around with it a little and see how it works best.

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Feb 2012
Portland, OR-Oregon
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Ok, the results are in on test #1 keep in mind this was done with water, not wort. I think chillers work better in wort? I started out by testing my flow rate off my faucet.

Water temp 48F
1.4gpm open faucet
1.4gpm through chiller and about 12ft of 1/2" hose
4.6 gallons measured after chilled

This kind of surprised me, I knew my pipes where bad but wow.

From boil to....
100F 9:45
80F 14:00
70F 17.30

This test was done with the cold water entering the bottom of the chiller and exiting the top. From about 150F down it was stirred most of the time. I don't know how these results stack up but for $30 including 25' of hose and fittings i'm happy.

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For rigid pipe, I thought about making a shell and tube heat exchanger. Less bends and pretty cool looking. I went with a chillzilla instead though.
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Good results and for the money a big winner!! Even though your water flow is poor I would be curious to know the temps of the tap water leaving the chiller. You could adjust the flow to see how much more heat you could take out. Under certain circumstances the water passing through the chiller moves two quickly and less heat is removed. Ideally you would adjust the flow until the water exiting is at its peak high temp. Try the same test with the water at or flow and record your results. Sometimes less is more.

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I always adjust the flow rate of my wort chiller to make sure the water is flowing through my chiller slow enough to absorb some of the wort temperature. I simply use my finger to test the water temperature coming out of my chiller; if it's cold, I slow the flow. If it's hot, I dial the water input up a little. Plus, this saves me a little on my water bill as well.

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