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Oct 2009
Osaka, Japan
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I'm about to harvest some wyeast 1056 for the first time on an IPA I have fermenting at the moment.

I plan to transfer to a secondary and dry hop after initial fermentation has dyed down (4-7 days).

When is the best time to harvest the yeast?

Should I take it from the primary or secondary fermenters?



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Oct 2010
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Generally, you'd want to harvest the yeast from primary since it should be a bit healthier the less time it spends in an alcoholic environment. Plus, there will be a lot more yeast to harvest from the primary. There's basically two ways to harvest: 1)on the day you rack from primary to secondary, follow the yeast washing sticky at the top of this forum or 2) skim some of the yeast at high krausen, mix it into some boiled and cooled water, and then seal the mixture in sterilized mason jars (this method works great if you ferment in a bucket, but skimming from a carboy is difficult). Both methods work great, but the second option is a bit easier.

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+1 Rory. Get it from the primary!
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Dec 2011
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+2 to primary. 1056 washes really well too. Follow the sticky.


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You also have to realize that any of the yeast that ends up not flocculated by the time you want to rack to a secondary is going to be the second string yeast. The slowest, least active; least flocculnat yeast. You really want the bench sitters to be your main fermenting strain next time?
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Couple of things....

You really don't want to harvest yeast from an high abv and highly hopped beer.

I like to ferment for a couple of weeks in the primary before harvesting the yeast cake for washing or re-use. That way I know I'll get a true mix of the yeast including the the "second string" yeast which will be more attenuative.

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Oct 2009
Osaka, Japan
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Thanks a lot guys

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