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Feb 2012
Madison, WI
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So I'm soon to embark on my first brew day. My wife is "sensitive" to smells. Should I find a way to brew outside (I do have a propane burner that would work), or or does a stove with a somewhat inadequate exhaust fan provide proper ventilation? I'd prefer to stay inside, but keeping wifey happy usually trumps.

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Sep 2009
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I personally like the smell. The only real way to tell is to give it a try. It doesn't linger too long anyway.
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Nov 2011
Orlando, FL
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When you're brewing it will smell but not like beer. It will smell like grains which, IMO, is a fantastic smell. Every time I brew, someone will walk in and mention how great it smells in the house. The smell will probably linger in the house for the day but it will be gone by the next day if it even takes that long. But trust me, it's a great smell. No one has ever complained. It's not a beer smell like you'd probably expect.

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Jun 2006
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The smells that occur on brew day are nothing short of orgasmic! The smells that occur during fermentation can be objectionable to some, but to me the whole process smells like Heaven on Earth!

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Sep 2010
Tampa, FL
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I like the smell, especially after adding hops. But I live in a small condo and my wife hates the smell. It made her sick when she was pregnant and now it just makes her nauseated. And it sticks around for a while unless you aerate well - the hood will do very little to prevent the aroma. She has to leave the condo when I brew and still isn't a huge fan of the aroma when she gets back.

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Nov 2011
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My wife hates the smell...I try to brew when she is not around but it will seriously cover most of my first floor with it. As the other posters suggest, I think its heaven and love the smell. My wife is prego and sensitive to smells, she even said it gave her a headache. Try indoors and see if she is bothered and you will know your answer, or ask her to come outside as you brew to get a reaction from her

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Mar 2011
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My wife Loves the smell on brew day!

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Nov 2008
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Umm, whatever you do, don't fire up a 5G batch and get everything set up only to find that your wife decides that she doesn't like the smell and tells you that you are no longer allowed to brew.

I started with a 2G partial boil, and my girlfriend said she felt nauseated all night while I was boiling it. She is also somewhat sensitive to smells. I personally like the smell of the grain mashing or the wort boiling, but honestly I think it is a slightly acquired thing.

After the 2nd partial boil inside, I upgraded to a propane burner and never brewed inside again. Brewing outside has many advantages: you can be louder, you can make a mess and clean it up later if needed, you wont cause any smoke detectors to go off if you have a boilover, you wont damage your stove if something goes wrong, you wont cause any offense with the smells, and you will be able to do full boils with ease.

I've had excellent brewing experiences working outside since then. Even on hellishly cold nights during blizzards, we've made amazing beers. My girlfriend is very understanding, but I am fairly certain that her patience would have been pushed to the limit if I brewed inside as often as I brew outside.

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Feb 2011
Kansas City, Mo
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Happy wife = Happy Life

Remember That

I would brew outside

If you have a boil over and get sticky wort all over the stove wife will not be happy...
"To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems,"

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Oct 2005
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I mash and sparge inside, but move to the garage for the boil because SWMBO doesn't like the smell of hops, and I can't use the propane burner inside.

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