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So if anyone has been kinda following my posts, I am between two careers. My choices were insurance agent(which i ruled out, screw that), computer networking(or programming. Undecided) and I just got a new job in a factory wiring fans and control boxes for fans and such and I love it. So I was thinking maybe a career as an electrician. I really enjoy doing this, but realistically would I be able to make a good living out of it? I am going to school again this summer(I dropped out last semester) but I need to decide between electrician and computers. so are there any electricians here that can give me some realistic advice? thanks guys for all your, it means a lot!!

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if you like networking, programming and electronics, why not do all of them... its called industrial controls industry. Learn to program PLC's... its tied to manufacturing (which the market has been down lately) but there will always be a need...

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I qualified as an Electrician and enjoyed working with my hands, and feeling pleased with seeing an end product. There was more on site work during wirings and a lot more in the cold ,during new instalations, however it's not always winter and changing from location to location is quite good.

I then moved into electronics and later into networking, working in an office, where it's nice and warm and does have the added bonus of some eye candy. It's virtual so at the end of the day nothing physical to show, as I do the configurations from a central location.

Totally different environments but financially better off with the networking.
It's hard to offer advice as everyone is different. Good luck with your decision!

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I've been in the electrical field for more than 20 years now. Started out working new construction and I've ended up working on electric train sets (AMTRAK). In between those extremes, I've done electrical work in everything from a townhouse to a factory. I have my Journeyman's papers as well as my Master's license. It's been a rewarding career, but like most it has its ups and downs. Unless your working in a factory setting, the elements are surely something you'll have to get used to. Cold, heat, rain, snow etc. But, it's paid the bills and allowed me to have a nice standard of living for my family. Course, with the way the economy is today, skilled craft positions, (let alone starting ones), are hard to come by. I've considered my self very fortunate that I've managed to weather this economy as well as I have. Many of my brothers and sisters in the construction side of the field are in really bad shape, especially when you realize it was nothing that they had anything to do with. My best advice, for any career, is show your willingness to work, but more importantly that your willing to listen and learn. Oh, and come to work everyday and on time. <---As a past employer and now as a coworker....this is the only pet peeve I have. Get the F outa bed. lol

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