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Originally Posted by Jayhem View Post
My wife actually thinks the Sierra Nevada tastes like Yuengling lager, haha. I sometimes wonder about her.
She might have pretty decent tastes buds...Sierra Nevada and Yuengling have more than a few things in common:
both feature Cascade hops...although the SN IBU's are higher

Yuengling uses carmelized corn syrup....but if you make a clone the grain bill looks pretty much like a Sierra Nevada...with the addition of a little flaked corn.

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Are you a necromancer? lol
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If their taste is only for American Light Lager they are not qualified to judge a Homebrew or Microbrew for that matter. Just consider the source. If someone asks about my homebrew I ask them what beers they typically drink. If they respond with a light lager I just tell them they probably would not care for my beer.

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When I go to a bowling alley or sporting event with friends and order an Amber Boch and one of my BMC drinkers try it they usually don't even like that. Not saying they are wrong because an opinion can't be wrong. No way would I worry too much about it if they didn't like any big beer.

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Originally Posted by Doctor_Wily View Post
Are you a necromancer? lol
Swish, swishhh,,,,,,,swishhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,swi shhhhhhhhhhhh

the sound of it going over multiple heads

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Originally Posted by flushdrew42 View Post
so, once i started talking about homebrewing, my friends all were making requests for what i should brew, as well as begging for bottles to try.

so, this week, 3 months after starting this hobby, i sent a couple bottles home with two coworkers.

i'm pretty pleased with the results of my porter - in fact, i picked up a 6 pack of New Belgium's 1554, which tastes nearly identical. (made me proud!)

anyway. i should keep in mind these guys are BMC drinkers (and are all infatuated with the new Bud Light Platinum)... but... i was not prepared for this text...

"keeping in mind it's an early brew of yours, it was pretty rough..."

anyone else experience this?

i've been really impressed with it myself, it's malty, hoppy, has an almost roasty quality to it. black as the ace of spades, but clear when you shine a light thru it. decent head, good carb, leaves nice lacing on the glass...

makes me nervous about sharing... (oh well more for me!)
i had people over when i opened my first batch of bottles. one of them finished his home brew, and then went and got a miller lite out of the fridge.

made a note to self: don't send him home brew as a gift. would be a waste of the home brew.

just keep chooglin' along, and keep working at it. you will be fine

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Whiz beer drinkers are wierd, I used to be one. When I came back from Germany many moons ago I went nuts trying to find a good beer. Everyone was drinking whiz and I'd spent the last four years drinking Crystal weissen,Czech Pils and Hefe from the local brewery. This was the late 80s mind you and Craft beers were hella expensive. I got used to whiz again and Moosehead became the "good beer". My first taste of a Stout I pulled a face and had to consciously stop myself spitting it out. My first IPA was a Dogfish Head that I honestly thought was skunked. My bro-in-law thanked me for the gift of the remaining case. My neighbor who also brews gave me one of his IPAs and it was hoppy, fragrant and had me thinking of how to wheedle more out of him, along with his recipe. I honestly liked it and it had a [email protected] of a lot more happening taste wise than Dogfish ever had.

Being exposed to good, real beer through you might shorten for them what was a long and tortured road for me. Good beer is an aquired taste after drinking whiz beer. Don't give up on them. Life's too short to drink bad beer.
Before you judge someone, be sure to walk a mile in their kilt. That way you are at least a mile away, and you have their kilt...

What?! Fifteen cases of beer and not a drop to drink!

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