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Jan 2012
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For me liking homebrew is kike liking metal. Liking pop is like liking bmc. Metal is superior eith superior intellect and musicianship but the bmc is just the opiate for the masses and has little to no substance.

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Jan 2011
carson city, nevada
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Originally Posted by Spencecore24 View Post
For me liking homebrew is kike liking metal. Liking pop is like liking bmc. Metal is superior eith superior intellect and musicianship but the bmc is just the opiate for the masses and has little to no substance.
Thats a fantastic thought!!!

Metal and home brewing is king.

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Nov 2010
ohmihachiman, Japan
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Beer snobbery from the unilluminated. Unsubscribe
"Beer, well respected and rightly consumed, can be a gift of God. It is one of his mysteries, which it was his delight to conceal and the glory of kings to search out."

The Search for God and Guinness by Stephen Mansfield

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My sample size is small, but I know I brewed a good beer. I've "lost" about a third of my stash to neighbors and friends and only a few made the "thanks....it's, um, great" face. I relish the chance to introduce folks to good/different beers but it doesn't break my heart if they don't like my beer. Just means it's more likely I'll make it to the next batch before the shelves are empty.

It's been fun opening the beer horizon for a few BMC neighbors. Just a matter of guessing what they might like and using the local grocer's build your own six pack shelf. The guy who drank silver bullets found out he would rather drink wits and brown ales. Like me, he's not a hophead and other folks who tried to break him of BMC in the past kept pushing IPAs and the hoppy American ales.

Also good to get the opinion of folks who do like craft beers. Helps keeps the dream of opening your own brewpub alive if nothing else.
I'd tell you what I have in primary/secondary/bottled/on tap but I get really lazy about keeping that updated. Why not stop on over for a beer instead?

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by Slider
I was happily surprised by some folks who joined me for our Super Bowl party which was the 'official' tasting of my first batch. Pretty varied group of folks, including some major BMC drinkers, but a lot who appreciate micro and craft brews.

The response was positive, but it's a different gig altogether. But the interest by a couple guys was hearty enough that they may want to brew themselves and they're coming over tonight for brweing night at my place.
This^ I served my coopers stout at my SB party, and my buddy who's a die hard BMC/doesn't even want to try craft beer drank them up. You never know whose eyes you will open I guess

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Nov 2010
houston, tx
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Originally Posted by part16john
I just started brewing again and my wife doesnt like ipa' s so the first beer i made was a double ipa and she said it tasted like throw up....i take that as a compliment coming from her ;-)
I get this constantly, we've even come up with a rating system.
Swmbo calls it the baby throw up level or btl.
I'm still trying to figure out what it is but she says it's a citrus smell in the nose. She thought it was a young beer smell or yeast smell.

Last time we were at a beer tasting I had her write down the btl for all the beers so I could compare her notes with mine. The most obvious answer was citrus hops.

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Sep 2008
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Ah... the old timid "gave my homebrew to a friend to try" symdrome.

Believe me - NO ONE is more critical of your home brew than you are. Almost all folks have only mass produced beers to compare to - and will do so when trying home brew. The best people for honest and helpful feedback are other home brewers by far - the more comfortable you are with them the better usually. Any time I give a bottle to a home brew newbie - I warn them up front what to expect and don't set my expectations too high on valuable feedback.

Home brewers that share their brews need to have thick skin and consider the source of the feedback. But don't let it disuade you from sharing - that can be one of the most rewarding part of brewing.

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Jan 2012
grand island, nebraska
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here's an interesting development....

the same guy, mr "it was rough"... has been bitten by the homebrew bug.

i was brewing an irish stout last night (it's going to be a sprint to have it ready by St Pattys) and he dropped by to "return my bottles". I had told him earlier in the day i would be brewing. i poured him a glass of my 4 week bottle conditioned Golden APA, and he loved it. not only that, he's going to come back next week when i brew my wheat beer.

if i had to wager, he'll be brewing by summertime.
off suit brewing
grand island, nebraska
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Secondary: Cascadian IPA

Kegged: Heart Flush Irish Red Ale, Oatmeal Stout, American Wheat

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Feb 2012
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Sounds like a buddy of mine... when he first learned that I started brewing he was ragging on me saying how it'll suck ect... tasted my first brew and has been stealing them ever since. He sat in on my last brew day and was asking all kinds of questions so I'm willing to bet he's going to start brewing as well.

What a great hobby!

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Sep 2012
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Originally Posted by mxpx5678 View Post
My wife and I used to both not like IPA's but now I can't imagine drinking anything with less hops than them. They are amazing, and we are blessed to live in NorCal where we have easy access to a bunch of great ones.
I know this is off topic, but just need to point out that hoppier, like higher ABV, does not equal better beer. There are so many great styles of beer--some quite hoppy, some with very little bitterness or hop flavor/aroma. There are high ABV beers and low ABV beers. Restricting yourself to one corner of the flavor spectrum means missing out on all the other great types of beers that just don't happen to be IIIIIPAs.

OK, I'm stepping down off the soap box.

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