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This is all so true... If someone is used to and likes fizzy horse pee, they aren't going to like real beer. My wife has tried my brews and always makes an awful (yet entertaining to me) face. At first I was concerned at her response until I let my award winning homebrew buddy try it who liked what I brewed as much as I do.
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Originally Posted by stratslinger View Post
absolutely agreed with tytanium and bad67z. Another suggestion: If you can, find a local homebrew club. You can get some honest and accurate feedback there, as well as some suggestions on how to correct stuff if stuff actually needs correcting! Plus, a bunch of cool folks to brew with, which is always a plus.

I've got several co-workers with various tastes that i've shared brews with, and so far i've only had one real surprise response like you've described - and that in itself i've found surprising!
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Originally Posted by H-ost View Post
See that thumbs up button on the top right of the posts?
SEE? told you I'm a noob.

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HAH well I didn't know how to delete a post up until a few days ago....
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So I had another buddy drop by the house last night, and he tried both my porter, and my golden apa, and he was impressed. he made several comments about the quality and fullness of the flavors and that if i would have said "here try this new microbrew i got from (insert local place here)"
he would have never been able to tell the difference!

makes me pretty pleased, and reminds me that "oh yeah, that's what the guys from HBT said"...
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Jan 2012
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I gave a bottle to my boss who is a bmc drinker. It's a robust porter I made. I didn't expect him to like it and will probably be the last beer he gets from me.

On the other hand I took 2 bombers of it up to my parents house and it was a hit. Very pleased with that

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Guaranteed your beer is fine. I took my beer up to a bunch of friends who are ecstatic whenever they get something better than Natty Light, and they called mine "just ok"
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My SWMBO gives me the most terrible feedback on my ales, so I brew cider for her.

I am always weary to let someone try my beers, as I am so proud of it. I won't let anyone even pour it if they don't brew themselves, but if you have a discerning palate, you can have a brew from my stash.

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I think it kinda boils down to you have to know your audience. BMC peeps are used to watery flavorless beer, so when they taste something that actually has flavor it's kind of overwhelming.

This thread reminds me of the worst comment I've ever heard from someone. I was at a gathering and brought a growler of my rauchbier. A friend's wife said "it tastes like hot dogs". I was like, really...hot dogs? You couldn't have compared it to a smoked artisan sausage...you gotta go the Oscar Meyer route? She wasn't much of a beer person and I'd had lot's of beer people beg me for more after trying it, so it didn't hurt my feelings too much.

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Pearls before swine...

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