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Originally Posted by drkwoods View Post
You saying the 2" diam roller is less prone to probs?
All other things being equal, a larger roller will crush grain with less husk damage and easier feeding.

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Loving my rebel mill!

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Originally Posted by drummermattie02 View Post
Any affordable larger-diameter roller mills you suggest?
JSP Malt Mill. 10 " * 1.5" diameter
But you will need to build a bigger hopper if that's important to you.

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I have only had the rebel mill and I can't say anything that hasn't been said on the rebel mill thread. I doubt anyone has put enough grain through them yet to be able to say for certain that they will last "forever" but so far no issues for me and I am extremely happy with it.

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Originally Posted by kincade View Post
All other things being equal, a larger roller will crush grain with less husk damage and easier feeding.
I have been looking at the MM2-2.0 for the this reason plus the fact that it is a proven commodity. I really like it's hopper design and it's a beast to put it mildly. The last time I contacted Fred at MM, they weren't currently available...frames were coming in later in the week and all of them were already spoken for. I need to contact him again. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth the wait.

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I own a Chankandstein and my son & I stopped by Rebel Brewer to look at his mill.

I like Rebel Brewer's rigid frame and hopper but it's not enough to motivate me to upgrade.

If I were buying all over again I would buy which ever one costs me the least because I believe the overall quality is the same.

I have not owned a Monster Mill and I don't have a opinion of them.

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I'm going Monster. Mainly because it seems most problems (if any) arise out of the roller being too small a Diameter. MM-2 2.0 is 2" Otherwise it's tough to really say one is better than the other Rebel looks great too but small
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I have the MM3 altough it is a bit pricey, it is worth every penny. Easy to setup and your grain will come out with the perfect grind. I would make sure you either have a good drill or eventually set it up to use with a motor. A good cordless drill will work, but I would say to go with a corded drill if you are grinding over 10 pounds of grain at one time.

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I just went through this same decision and ended up getting a Monster Mill MM2 with stainless rollers. I liked the overall package the best. The base and hopper are nice, and the rollers are 6" long. I was also happy with my interactions with Fred @ Monster Mills. Couple all of that with many happy customers on this forum and you can't really go wrong.

I ruled Crankandstein out once I saw the "About us" section of their web page...very unprofessional.

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are any of the homebrewing mills geared so that both (or all 3) rollers move with motor (or crank)? i coudn't tell from pics and whatnot from many of them.. if not does that mean that the other rollers(s) just move at whatever pace the grain is going through and hopefully not grinding in the process?
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