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Old 02-13-2012, 07:38 PM   #1
Dec 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
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This is the item I purchased, price seemed fair. Seems to look good so far. Bought this to take my brewing up a notch to full boils (extract).

Figured this wouldnt be a bad entry level larger kettle, however I am now seeing that many say it scroches easily and is poorly made?

I really don't mind it not having a spigot (I dont mind lifting it) and the thermometer doesnt really matter either as I have a good one.

Anybody have any recomendations, should I keep or or return it.

I've contemplated purchasing this

Or should I save up for a while and just get the blichmann 10 gallon?

Everytime I think I got it figured out, more and more questions! haha

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Old 02-13-2012, 07:54 PM   #2
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Jun 2010
Portland-ish, OR
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I have the 62qt and am very happy with it. Are there nicer pots out there? Sure. Are there nicer ones for the price? I don't really think so. I got my 62qt for $110 shipped (prime) a couple years ago, and added a weldless ballvalve.

Is the Polarware going to be worth almost double the price? Hell no.

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Old 02-13-2012, 08:05 PM   #3
BIAB Expert Tailor
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May 2007
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that kettle is absolutely fine for five gallon batches IMO. Unless you have some sort of jet powered burner I rather doubt you will experience scorching. RDWHAHB

any kettle will scorch extract if it is not mixed well prior to heating...your kettle is fine, actually quite nice, no buyers remorse needed at all!

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Old 02-13-2012, 09:57 PM   #4
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Jul 2011
Milwaukee, WI
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The Polarware kettle you linked to is like 26 gauge which is getting on the very thin side.

As for the Amazon kettle it'll boil water just fine!

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Old 02-14-2012, 12:41 AM   #5
Jan 2011
, Virginia
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I have one of those pots in 40 qt size, no regrets

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Old 02-14-2012, 12:58 AM   #6
Mar 2011
Kenosha, WI
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I have the 24 and the 36, and a blichmann....I use my bayou classics more...

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Old 03-01-2013, 05:40 PM   #7
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Jan 2013
McKinney, TX
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+ 1 on the bayou classic kettles. I just bought (delivered today!) 2 of the 42 quart aluminum bayou classic stockpots with steamer baskets off of Amazon. For $54.26 each, it's a steal - and now I am finally making the jump to all-grain and full-boils. I also got the bayou classic double-burner a few months back (as I make 2 different brews side by side each brew day) - which does an amazing job of getting a lot of water to a boil VERY quickly. For easy low-tech brewing, can't beat the value of these. I also use two 5-gallon round coolers for mashing (maxes out at about 12 lbs of grain with fairly thick mash). All of these items combined are about the cheapest way I've found to go all grain. (None of my mash tuns/kettles have valves or anything, so as long as you don't mind lifting a little bit - no problems with this setup).

Cheers on the new kettle! Have fun and happy brewing!

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Old 03-01-2013, 07:56 PM   #8
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Oct 2011
Cle Elum, WA
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Been brewing with a 32qt Bayou Classic SS kettle for the last two years. I use it with the SQ14 burner and am very happy with the kettle. I usually load it up with 6.5 to 7 gallons of wort and just watch it carefully. Never had a boil over.

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