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May 2007
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I have been using pellet Hops for my brews and have been finding that when it comes time to bottle, not all the remnants of the hops fall to the bottom, and my siphon often gets clogged before I'm half way through bottling. I was wonder one of two things; Should I rack to a secondary before bottling, or should I use leaf hops in bag? Or any other ideas that you all might suggest. Thank You.


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Feb 2007
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I rack to secondary on my brews since I like clear beer. This allows anything that got sucked up out of the primary to fall out.

I've never used leaf hops, I've only used pellets, so can't respond to that part.

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Feb 2007
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I think you need to strain your wort before adding it to the fermentor to keep the hops from getting in there. I use a large grain bag (sanitized of course) and just put it inside my primary bucket and pour the wort through it. It catches the vast majority of the residue fromt the pellet hops. A strainer would work also if you have one big enough. This will solve your problem with the hops, but I would still reccommend using a secondary. It clears the beer so much and in my opinion improves the flavor.

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Mar 2007
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You could also whirlpool the trub in the brewpot and rack into your primary. Just be sure to siphon only cooled wort.
See this wiki post, it's very helpful.

I've used both whole hops and pellets, I don't find any difference in the finished product.
I use mostly pellets because they're much easier for me to store.

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boo boo
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I take it you don't bulk prime?
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Mar 2007
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I have used pellet and leaf. I prefer pellet for the simple fact that I do not need to strain them before adding them to the fermenter. I always rack to secondary though it helps to keep the beer clear.
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Sep 2006
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I prefer whole hops and plugs. I'd rather use a different hop than have to use pellets again.

I autosiphon out of my brew pot into the primary. Occasionally I get 1 or 2 leafs sucked through to the primary. And looking at a bunch of hop cones sitting in the bottom of the brew pot is a lot nicer than looking at a bunch of muddy trub.

The only problem, whole hops suck up a lot of water. Between my 20 minute preboil, 60 minute wort boil, and the whole hops, I loose about a gallon of water.

Since I made the switch, I have almost no sediment in my bottles.
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Nov 2006
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i like to use plugs especially when i use pellets as well. when poured thru my strainer the plugs all say behind and help to filter out out the messy pellet residue.

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Jan 2007
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I do two things":

Use whole leaf hops...

And this contraption.

My beer runs clearer into the fermenter than when I eventually serve (chill haze).

Click image for larger version

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Mar 2007
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Originally Posted by BierMuncher
I do two things":

Use whole leaf hops...

And this contraption.

My beer runs clearer into the fermenter than when I eventually serve (chill haze).
Would this work with pellet? I am planning on copying you and I use pellet.

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