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Originally Posted by bagpiperjosh View Post
i tried making one of those using water weld and the crap was so darn hard to work with/ when i was screwing the nut down over the element, it twisted the element all around, thus ripping the ground from the ground nut. now im afraid to even try it without a good ground... how did you do your set up?
I pieced it together from several write ups. Its been a while so I can't remember where exactly. I used JB Weld for epoxy and runny food grade caulk for sealant. The caulk was the key. The package said it could be used to make gaskets. I spread it on liberally before and after tightening the sumberged threads.

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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
These are my DIY threads here. The first one is the most popular, but the paper shredder grain mill was the one I'm most proud of (don't know why, but it worked surprisingly well).

Really? You mounted a pressure gauge to a bottle cap? That's awesome You sir have totally out geeked me.
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subscribed... Very awesome thread! Gives me a lot of ideas!

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Not gonna lie, I definitely used your keggle cutting jig idea a year ago. Worked well, thanks for that.

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Originally Posted by DustyTheBrewer View Post
Not gonna lie, I definitely used your keggle cutting jig idea a year ago. Worked well, thanks for that.
Great. BTW, wife and I went to Epcot this weekend and the Oh Canada surround movie that they show mentions Moose Jaw (there might have been some video of it too, but I wouldn't know if that's what they were showing).
- Andrew

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Some great ideas in this thread!

For me, the most challenging was definitely our Water-Cooled Fermentation Chamber. A LOT of work went into that thing.

But the most useful? Gotta be the DIY Tap Line Cleaner which was an idea from one of the guys on here.


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The only DIY device I made without stealing anyone else's idea was what I call my 'doohickey.' It allows me to easily connect my garden hose to any of my QD hoses for cleaning purposes.

Take a 1/2" male NPT to 3/4" female garden hose brass fitting from HD or Lowes. You might have to settle for a 1/2" female NPT to 3/4" female garden hose fitting. If you do, then all you have to do is get a 1/2" NPT close nipple to turn the female 1/2" fitting into a male one.

Install a male QD camlock to the 1/2" male NPT side.
Install a QD garden hose fitting on the garden hose side (if you use the QD garden hose things).

Bam. Now you can plug that doohickey onto the end of your garden hose and then connect that to any of your brew hoses that has female QD camlock fittings.

Use it to flush out your brew hoses, valves, pumps, chillers, manifolds, dip tubes, etc.

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I took a liquid line post assembly out of an old, beat up Cornie and welded on a bracket & short piece of SS tubing and attached a short length of hose to a garden hose fitting. It's mounted on the wall at the slop sink and I can easily snap on a serving line to flush it out quickly. By using a liquid line connector with a flare fitting, I can easily attach other lines and flush them out quickly as well.

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Aside from my Corona Mill tinkering, I am getting pretty darn good at stitching up BIAB Bags at reasonable "hobby NOT business" pricing...I must be getting old though, my patience wears thin on people that ask ten silly questions prior to purchase...that's retail I guess...maybe I should restructure pricing with free bags, and silly questions $3 each

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I made a DIY beer line pump cleaner. It allows you to clean your kegerator tap lines quickly and efficiently. There's the thread:

BOHA Brewing Consortium

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