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Dec 2009
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I had some issues with an infection a little while ago - and one of the best ways for me to single out the issue was to use new packs of US05 instead of yeast starters. At 2.50 a pack I love using it because it works fantastically well without a starter.

plus - the yeast in the pack has been produced to be used in brewing as is and create a desired result every time- while the yeast taken from a bottle must be stepped up and will therefor be altered(slightly) by the new environmental factors it encounters.

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Mar 2011
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You have a good point,but I can usually scrape 3 bucks out of my
car seats,and if I wanted to I could wash and get several batches
from that 1 pack.

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Dec 2010
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I think it would actually be cheaper to buy a pack of US - 05 use it then wash it. When you consider the cost of DME and the price of the beer.

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Dec 2010
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Another point here is that yeast harvested from bottles may not be the healthiest yeast.
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Feb 2012
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I thought I'd pile on . I brew mostly british and american ales and US-05 and 04 are good clean easy yeasts. Simplifies the brew day and I get consistent results. Hard to argue with that!

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I want to consider this from a slightly different perpective. Maybe the OP is simply stoked he's figured out how to harvest the yeast from one of his favorite beers, and (the way he has it figured) it doesn't cost him anything extra to do it. (Maybe 4-5 bucks if you only compare it to dry yeast, but the truth is, Wyeast and White Labs do a great business with HBTers, and we all spend the buck on the starter DME).
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Nov 2008
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Originally Posted by mt_rob View Post
Where I'm at in western Montana, SNPA is $7 to $8 a six pack....I sympathize with you if it's $12
Everything is relative. We just started getting Sierra Nevada out here in Australia. It's $21 a six pack. Torpedo is $28/sixer.

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Nov 2011
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No one has pointed out if you wash yeast you can make one vial go for forever..... I just washed the cake of WLP001 from the second batch I brewed again. I've gotten 7 batches out of that one vial.
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Mar 2012
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I certainly have started doing this with some beers that I really enjoy.

Oh and that one, Sierra Nevada's hmm Ovila? (sp?) I really enjoyed that beer it was delicious.
Unibroque Grand Reserve 17 Dark Ale on lees (that one was mad easy to culture yeast out of, it had a healthy layer)

US-05...beh, I'll wash it maybe so I have 5 liquid vials cultured up, but it is so dang cheap, and quick. I'm spending most of my efforts elsewhere.
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Well today I'm going to brew a two gallon batch and pitch a pack of wyeast right in. No starter required. Then when the beer is done I'll wash the yeast and brew a five gallon.
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