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Feb 2012
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Want to get at least another 9 glass carboys and 1 5 gallon but where I live there are no brewing stores in a 200 miles radius and driving a 94' chevy that gets 10 mpg I don't wanna drive so what's a good website to buy some jugs?

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Dec 2011
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Well MeadMax has given you a good link, but if that's too far from you then you're gonna be looking at shipping costs etc. Which tend to be high for glass as it's fragile and bulky nature, make it a pain.

You can, of course, ferment in plastic i.e. P.E.T. or HDPE buckets and so on, then clear it in the same. Which gives you time to locate larger capacity glassware to bulk age or you can just bottle into glass and age it that way.

At least with that method of making, you'd only be having to think of shipping for 1 type of glass - and one or two broken bottles is less of a problem than a smashed single carboy........

{edit}and if you can get some contacts at the nearest recycling place, you might be able to get lots of bottles for next to nothing - or visit the local restaurants etc as they might agree to keeping emptied wine bottles for you. while screw top type bottles with corks/plastic stoppers aren't as "pretty" as a cork stoppered type bottle, if they're cheap or free, that sort of compensates doesn't it....either way, without even a region/area/state on your profile details, nobody can even suggest where might be closer for you if you did specifically want glass carboys etc{/edit}
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If your looking to do one gallon batch's like i was i went to a paint store near me they have food grade 2 gallon buckets great to do one gallon batch's.

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Jun 2011
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The easiest way to do a 1 gallon batch is to re-purpose one of those 1 Gallon jugs of table wine (e.g. Carlo Rossi). That's where I got all my 1 gallon carboys. If a local restaurant or something serves wine like that, you could ask them to save the bottles for you. If you're in a state that does bottle redemption, you can offer the restaurant more than the 5¢-15¢ they'd get in rebate for the bottles. They'll get more money, and you'll get a carboy for less than a dollar.

As for the 5 gallon carboy, put out the word to see if someone is going to an area near a brew store and see if they could either take you along, or pick up the carboy for you.
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Also check Craigslist for peeps getting out of the homebrew hobby.

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Feb 2012
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Thanks everyone for the advice and tips!

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