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Jan 2012
, Ontario
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I thought I might have some trouble finding a 10g cooler for an MLT conversion in the winter, but not being able to find one at all sucks. I went to multiple home depots, ronas, canadian tires and wal marts with no luck. You'd think someone, somewhere has a soccer game that needs a cooler full of gatorade in the middle of February.

Not all is lost though, I did find this

a 30qt (7.5g ?) turkey frier for $70 rated at 56,000 BTU's. Now that I'm TRYING to get my equipment together for all grain, this seems like a wise investment. This brings up a couple questions though:

1) Would a 7.5 gallon pot be sufficient for full boils considering I would be brewing 5 gallon batches?

2) Or would this larger version (36qt and 58,000 BTU's) be more appropriate?

From everything I've read on this website, it seems that full boils on the stove top are quite difficult, if they're even possible with the specific stove.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Oct 2010
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I do full boils with a 7.5 gallon kettle, it's only tough if you're planning to use a lot of whole leaf hops, but even then you just need to be cognizant of a possible boil over.

I got my 5 gallon mash cooler from the side of the highway. Must have fallen off a truck or something. It was a little banged up, but once I cleaned it up seemed to work fine!
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Aug 2011
Carroll, IA
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I had a similar issue finding the cooler, ended up ordering from, site to store so shipping was eliminated. If you are set on DIY, that might be your best bet, otherwise NB has some nice cooler set ups. As for the pot, the advice I got was go bigger than you think, just to be safe, so I went to a 10 gallon pot. Just mt 2 cents.

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Sep 2011
Anchorage, Alaska
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I went to lowes in the winter.... All of the coolers were packed up on pallets stored 50 feet up on a storage rack.

I had the sales guy get a forklift and get them down for me, just to buy one cooler lol. Great service btw.

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Dec 2011
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I really like the fryer you found. It has a ring to prevent the pot from sliding while your stirring or adding ingredients. I guess it is a Canadian thing because the lower 48 doent seem to have them quite like that. Thanks for the link.
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Aug 2009
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I'd go for the bigger fryer in a heartbeat. 7.5 is easily doable (and many, MANY folks do it - I did until I chanced upon a 12 gallon pot), but a 9 gallon pot gives you some advantages, most importantly vastly reduced boil-over chances. You can do a 7 gallon batch easily, 8 if you watch the pot. If it's only an extra $20, to me, it's a no-brainer considering how much a 9 gallon pot would cost separately. You might think you don't want to do more than 5 gallons. Most likely, you'll change your mind on that. So you might as well get as much as you can up front. Also, the bigger pot will likely have a thicker gauge to the metal, meaning more even heat distribution.

Likewise the cooler. I'd be very surprised if Wally World didn't have some square/rectangular coolers, even in the dead of winter. But I would go for more than 10 gallons. That's what I started out with, and I've completely outgrown it. I need 20 gallons to do some of the 10 gallon recipes I've hatched up in my twisted little noggin. And if you ever do decide to do batches >5gal, you'll appreciate the capability. Like I said before...might as well go bigger on the front end. But it doesn't have to be round. If you can't find one in a store, you can check CraigsList Toronto.

Originally Posted by Rbeckett View Post
I really like the fryer you found. It has a ring to prevent the pot from sliding while your stirring or adding ingredients. I guess it is a Canadian thing because the lower 48 doent seem to have them quite like that. Thanks for the link.
I recently saw one very much like that at Home Despot here in Knoxpatch. Here's a pic of one exactly like it from the Lowe's web site:

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

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May 2011
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Got my Igloo 10 gallon last month online at Walmart for the lowest price available...under $40.

Best part was free shipping to the store for pick up.
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Jan 2012
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Check sporting supply stores like Sports Authority, Dicks's, or whatever you might have up north!
Originally Posted by SittingDuck
Even ales take too long. I need something I can ferment during the boil and drink from the kettle!
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Feb 2011
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I was just at home depot over the weekend and saw 10 gallon Rubbermaid coolers for $42 I was high up on the shelve and had to ask someone about it. It was in the lawn mower section of mine

Also $70 seems steep to me for a fryer with an aluminum pot. Walmart had a similar one for $34 I got mine at Cabelas for $29...just my two cents ...I guess the $70 is socialism at work JK
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Sep 2011
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lowe's has them

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