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Nov 2010
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DO IT! there is not a single person on here that has not tasted a beer before it should have been done (i am guessing even Revvy). this is what you will learn from this process

1) there will be a difference between the first and last beer no matter how long you wait
2) the first one will be alright
3) the last one will be the BEST beer in the batch
4) it is your beer and you will do whatever the F&#$ you want!!!!!
5) there are no beer cops that will arrest you for having one at this point

with all of my brews i will have one at: day 10, day 14, day 21 if they are done at day 10, drink up. if they are not done at day 21, i will wait another week. all beer will eventually be done.

IPAs should be drank early anyways. they will loose a little of their punch over time.

drink one for me!! PROST!!! (or boobies)
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As a new brewer myself, the "surveillance beer" early is an important part of the learning process. Understanding what a green beer is and understanding how the beer gets better with time helps the waiting process in the future... And yes, get to brewing nonstop until you have a sufficient pipeline. I am limited to 2.5 gallon batches with my equipment at the present moment and it mysteriously disappears faster than I can brew and condition it.
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Aug 2009
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Drink one! How else are you going to learn to know when a beer is green and when it's ready? I've been brewing awhile now, and I still drink one bottle each week until it's ready, just to taste the process. Then I drink it all...
It seemed like a good idea at the time...

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Jan 2012
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I'll be drinking the first bottle from my first batch Friday. I bottled last Wednesday, I put the bottle in the fridge yesterday, so when I open it up tomorrow it'll be nine days in the bottle (two of which in the fridge). I plan to do this every week until it's ready (hopefully three weeks).
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Jan 2012
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Tim try one. I remember you brewed the same time I did and the same recipe. I tried one last weekend and it was good (I was really suprised after only a week), but I could tell it needed more time. I am trying another one this weekend to see the difference.

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Try one. I have had some that were good at 2 weeks and others that needed more than a month. If it is close I wait another few days. If totally flat I might wait another couple of weeks.

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Nov 2011
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I use the same idea as a previous poster...Whatever I have over 2 cases, I use as my tasters leading up to the 3-4 mark. I like to see how everything is coming along at different intervals.

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Sep 2011
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drink it !! if you like it, drink another.

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Jun 2009
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Originally Posted by tim2akat2
I brewed an IPA and it will be two weeks on Sunday and I so want to try the beer but the Revvy said to wait 3 weeks. I am going to wait but my will is starting to weaken. Tim

PS it's my first brew
If you open one now future you will be pissed at past you for opening it before its ready.
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5 weeks ( in the primary ) is magic.....

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