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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
Every troll is an exercise to help you to grow.

You get points for every anus you respond to with an intelligent unemotional response.

You get an extra life for completely ignoring the troll, no matter how personal the taunt. It's hard, and you need to learn to swallow the bitter pill of pride, but you win in the end.

This game can be practiced at home with the wife.
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Sometimes I troll. I don't do it on here, but on another forum since 2004 I have over 60K posts. Most of them were me trying to get a reaction. If I'm bored it's fun. I would always let on (after the fact) that I was trolling, but some people are just angry in general. Typically the angry people are the ones that just like to be jerks without reason.
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Originally Posted by TheMan View Post
Anyone can act tough behind the internet...its tough not to respond in kind to some of those people...but I find its best to ignore them. I figure it probably annoys them more if you do this than respond.

Also, I think many of them are young. Or they just have nothing better to do. I mean, when some guy criticizes you for asking a question on an opinion forum his life must be pretty boring
Don't fool yourself into thinking that it doesn't happen here either.

Every forum has it's share of assh*les who think they are authorities on every subject and that their way is the ONLY way to do something.

Like it was said...know them for who they are and move along with your life.
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I am on a softball forum, same deal. lots of trash talk. I quit logging in as often late last year as listening to all the drama almost drove me to quit playing.

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Had people telling me off this morning on Deadspin as well.
Deadspin is kind getting a bit like TMZ anyway.........

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Apr 2008
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I'm on a forum for just about everything, it seems, and there's always a strong contingent representing the 'unneccesary meanness' corner. This site is has the absolute least rude/ tough/ mean people and as such is my most frequented. This, and the motorcycle forum. I've noticed- DIY type sites tend to have more helpful and fewer jerk members than the "I bought it" crowd. When I get the urge to call someone out for being inconsiderate I usually just let it go. I don't care to get into mindless arguments with someone in Kansas for the next five days. (nothing against Kansans) Kyle

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maybe this one's better:

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Bahahahaahaha love the pics!
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Originally Posted by maxam View Post
Its easy to be a tough guy behind a computer screen.
I don't know about that. I wake up every morning, do a SEAL basic training course regime.

I then do it again so that I can be super strong and mentally prepared for the internet.

After that I stand in the mirror and insult myself till I cry. I know real tough guys don't cry, but I'm pretty good.

I then sit down, log in, and go picking fights with people I don't know.

All this takes a few hours daily. It's not easy, so I disagree with your assessment.

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