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Originally Posted by cubbies
I am not going to sit around and tell people it is beer water, or that it is not really beer or anything else. To each his own. A good chunk of my friends cant stand dark beers, or overly hoppy beers. What is funny to me though is that when people start arguing which light lager is best. Going back to that bar I was talking about, you have a handful of people who drink bud light, a handful that drink Busch, a handful that drink miller light, and a handful that drink busch light and every now and then an argument will break out over which one is better. I always find that amusing because I would bet $100 you could pour each one of them in an unmarked cup and not a single one of them would be able to tell them apart.
A friend of mine used to work in a bar, sometimes they would run out of particular types of lager but they always had plenty of carlsberg, the boss had them just stick on the carslbergs on the taps and serve it anyway. He said it was funny watching people ordering say two pints of tennets, a pint of harp, a tuborg gold and two carlsbergs then take them down to their table and very carefully give each person there choosen beverage (which was all carslberg)......they never had a single complaint or pint sent back

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Who are any of us to tell anyone else what we should like and drink. It's an individual thing and we shouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks.
I love a miller, bud, coors, molson, labbats or any other mega swill and I don't have to be in any particular setting to drink one.
I do find some taste (as little as it may seem in some) in all beer.
How do you BBQ an elephant....first you get your elephant....

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