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May 2011
Sharpsburg, GA
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I made a Brochet no more than 3 weeks ago and when I went to rack it today it was completely clear. I mean like reading newspaper through the glass fermenter clear. Is this odd? Nothing seems to be wrong with the mead. Smells great, taste great, looks great (obviously), but why? Just for background info I use approx. 9lbs of clover honey, boiled and scummed for approx. 1.5 hours, chilled, pitched yeast, and allowed to ferment in primary for approx. 3 weeks. Thanks for the info!


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Aug 2011
Bangkok, Bangkok
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That's very fast.
I took more than 4 months to get that clear without any clearing agent.

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Dec 2011
Spokane, WA
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I suppose it depends on the type of yeast you use. I made a melomel with 71B and a cyser with Pasteur Champagne and they both are clearing very fast though not quite as fast as yours. They are both around a month old now, give or take a week. I made a bochet around the same time, but that is still pretty dark and opaque. I used 1116 for that one though, and I likely caramelized my honey longer.

Also.... a brochet is a fish. A big fish, probably not very tasty for mead. Sorry, I can't stop myself sometimes.

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Dec 2009
Minneapolis MN
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I've had meads take a year to clear, I also have a 1 gallon blackberry mead going right now that's 3 months old in secondary, and is crystal clear. The other 1 gallon batch I made the same time as the blackberry looks like really depends on the yeast and what else you're adding to it.

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Apr 2011
Sacramento, CA
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That happened with mine as well, it cleared within about 3 weeks right after the yeast finished up. My orange blossom mead on the other hand is as cloudy as it was when I put it in primary and there's still active yeast on the surface and I still have airlock activity. This is 2 months later.

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