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Oct 2011
brooklyn, ny
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I'm going to be doing my second all grain brew on sunday and I am working on an American Pale Ale recipe. I'm going for a nice and balanced beer with great citrusy/fruity aroma and taste with a clean and dry finish. I would love it if you guys could give me some feedback on this recipe. I got some inspiration from Yooper's Haus Pale Ale with the Vienna and Munich which I think will add some nice malt character without being out of style. I am adding the acid malt to lower my mash pH and I'm considering adding some dextrin malt for increased body but I can't decide. Any feedback on the grain bill or hop schedule would be great. I am still not sure if I want to try hop bursting or large flameout hops additions or heavy dry hopping to get that real burst of hoppy goodness.

Recipe Type: All-Grain
Batch Vol: 5.5gal
Boil Vol: 6.5gal
Boil Time: 60min
Yeast: Notty
Starter: No

4# 5oz Marris Otter
4# 5oz American Two-row Pale
2# Vienna
1# Munich
3oz Acid Malt
3oz Honey Malt

60 mins 0.75 Simcoe 13.0%AA
20 mins 0.2 Citra 11.0%AA
20 mins 0.2 Galaxy 13.4%AA
20 mins 0.2 Simcoe 13.0%AA
Flameout 0.2 Citra 11.0%AA
Flameout 0.2 Galaxy 13.4%AA
Flameout 0.2 Simcoe 13.0%AA
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Citra 11.0%AA
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Galaxy 13.4%AA
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Simcoe 13.0%AA

1tsp Irish Moss @ 20min
.5tsp Gypsum in Mash

I will do a single infusion mash at 154 for 60 min and batch sparge at 176. I'm planning to ferment for 14 days at 64 degrees Fahrenheit and dry hopping after the first seven days. Please give me suggestions if you have any!

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Curious how this turned out. Any tasting notes?
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If you brew something similar again, I would bitter less, move 20 to 10 min, add a few 5 min additions, and blast it with whirlpool hop additions. Sorry I didn't see this post on 2/7 to give you that advice.

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Old 06-15-2012, 08:11 PM   #4
Oct 2011
brooklyn, ny
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This ended up turning out pretty great. I undershot my mash temp which made it lighter bodied than I wanted and the dry hopping gave it a bit of a grassy taste for the first month in the bottle. But now its a really great beer. Beautiful clean maltiness balanced with really complex fruity/piney hops. The simcoe is an excellent counterbalance to the citra and galaxy. I think its a perfect summer beer. I would probably move the 20 min additions to ten and five and lower the dry hops and put them in as whirlpool instead. I will let you know when I brew this one again.

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