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Oct 2011
brooklyn, ny
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I'm working on a really citrusy American Pale ale and I want to know your thoughts on post-boil hops additions vs dry hopping. What are the pros and cons of each? I like clear beers which is the hesitation I have about dry hopping, but I also love the strong hops aroma you get from a heavy dry hopping. Can I get the same aroma from a large post-boil hops addition?

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Sep 2011
Durham, NC
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My opinion is no, you don't get the great hops aroma from late additions like you do from dry hopping. Whenever I make a pale, I lean towards the dry hop, even in a small amount anywhere from 0.5-1.5oz over a flameout addition (even though I'll usually have a 0min in there too). I think you get more bang from your buck adding the hops after fermentation is complete. If you're worried about clarity, you can put the hops in a bag and remove it before racking, but I've never noticed a big difference in my highly dry hopped brews.

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Nov 2011
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Do both if your really looking for that super-hoppy flavor/aroma...I do with every IPA

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Nov 2008
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Both is best. I like to limit dry hopping to limit grassiness and have moved to rather large flameout additions over the years. The trick is to keep the wort hot with the flameout addition in it for a while. I do 30 minutes and then chill in 15ish. Ray Daniel's suggested over an hour at an NHC a few years ago. This putting hops in and then chilling in 15 seconds stuff is a waste of hops.

You can make a beer with huge hop aroma without a dry hop this way. I still like a bit of dry hop though.

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Jan 2011
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I like this thread. I want it to continue.
Time to have some fun

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Feb 2011
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My favorite method so far is to do a 60 min addition for most of the IBUs and then pile on the 15, 10, 5 and flame out additions. Dry hop with at least 2 oz for 14 days and drink as soon as possible. The dry hops tend to diminish quickly with age.

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Feb 2009
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I'm brewing a Belgian IPA tomorrow. Additions at 60 min and then no more until flameout. Following that up with dry hopping.
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Aug 2009
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I'd suggest checking out hopbursting. Jamil wrote an article a few years back in Zymurgy. His Evil Twin recipe from that article is delicious. Trying that technique got me interested in different ways to add hop flavor and aroma.

Recently I tried adding "hop tea" on the waning side of fermentation. I also dry hopped as per normal. I liked that combo very much. I will play with that combo for the next few APA batches.

Even with the hop tea, I still think most of my hop aroma is from my dry hopping. I use pellets and an extra fine nylon bag. It keeps the hop particles out of the keg.


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Aug 2010
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IME a combination is best, but that really intense hop aroma you're looking for won't be achieved without dry hopping.

Maybe find some whole hops and use a hop bag. That'd help with that clouding issue, at least a little.

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Aug 2011
Kokomo, Indiana
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I notice that by the time I've let my beer sit and clear and let it clean up any off/young flavors the hop aroma has faded significantly, and w/o a dry hop addition I would be disappointed in the beer. My expierence is to limit boil additions to a bittering hop and maybe a flamout hop but id add the ones I want to stand out in the dry hop, but adding irish moss really will help clear the beer up, and the dry hop cloudiness will barely be noticed

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