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Originally Posted by 2nd Street Brewery
Well I do. and we're blocked from some pretty harmless sites. Also, they don't block all sites that will get you in trouble.
We're blocked from some very odd things, like I couldn't get to the Indianapolis Star newpaper's site (I think they lifted that ban, though). Myspace is out, the chat room here is blocked, some weird things (like that baseball game rdwj posted the other day) are labeled "gambling" and blocked. Some clean sites get blocked as "porn" or "drugs," which always makes me nervous.

I'm here a lot during the day, but the work gets done. If I'm stealing from the company by spending some time clearing my head here, then they're stealing from me when I'm thinking about work at 9:00PM or here on the weekends.
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Originally Posted by the_bird
If I'm stealing from the company by spending some time clearing my head here, then they're stealing from me when I'm thinking about work at 9:00PM or here on the weekends.


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If surfing during downtime is such a serious transgression, I deserve to be canned as much as anybody else here. I keep reporting myself to myself, but I can't seem to get myself to do anything about it. It's good to be the admin sometimes.
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Originally Posted by todd_k
Do you have to report everyone or just the morons looking at porn?
Actually it's basicly anything that, well i want to report. It's a hug sense of power, but i guess i'm edging into the "it's lonely at the top."

i've started writing some perl scripts to parse out the data to email it to the respected managers, so i guess i am depersonalizing it.

all in all, i was curious to see how yall would chime in thanks for the answers!
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Could you just come up with a group of "catch" words or phrases to weed out some of the inappropriate sites?
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if you caught someone surfing this site all day, would you report them?I mean it IS your job right?

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A case that mighthave some bearing on your job (i can't see him winning though)

BBC News, New York

The internet provided psychological comfort, Mr Pacenza says.
A man in the US is suing IBM for $5m in a wrongful dismissal case after he was fired for visiting adult internet chat rooms while at work.

James Pacenza, 58, says he was addicted to online chat rooms and that IBM should have offered him sympathy and treatment instead of firing him.

The Vietnam War veteran says he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since 1969.

He argues that he used the internet to control his psychological problems.


Mr Pacenza says that seeing his best friend killed in action while they were on patrol in Vietnam in 1969 brought on his post-traumatic stress disorder.

He says that his psychological problems have left him addicted to sex, especially adult internet chat rooms.

When a fellow employee at IBM told managers that Mr Pacenza was visiting such sites while at work, he was fired.

The stated reason was that he visited an internet chat site for a sexual experience after he had previously been warned.

James Pacenza's lawyers will argue in court that their client was using the internet to self-medicate as a way of controlling his post traumatic stress disorder.

They will also argue that Mr Pacenza's claimed addiction to adult internet sites should be treated in the same way as other employees' addictions to drugs or alcohol.

The case has potential implications for employers across America and their attitude towards regulating how their employees use workplace computers.

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WHat about sending out an email to the offenders letting them know that their surfing habits are not only monitored but against policy and that continued use will result in management action. Kind of an e-slap on thw wrist or a verbal warning instead of a ticket.


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I disagree with the majority here. In fact, I bet you half of the people here post during work hours.

In my opinion, if you go to work on time, be productive, and do your job there should be no problem. I surf at work, but I'm also a very productive worker. I handle so many various duties for my job and work all day. I'll check the news between tasks sometimes or look up something, but that doesn't stop my productivity. Sure I guess according to the companies guidelines it's a no no and technically you could have done other work in that time frame.... but if you can keep on par with everyone else (or be more productive) I personally see nothing wrong with it.

Now obviously there is a line that can be crossed. There are those who abuse the heck out of it and should be fired. But if you can do your job and not get behind, what's the big deal? Also, what's the difference between smokers smoking 4-5 cigarettes a day at 3-7 minutes each than a guy googling something in between tasks?

Also, if companies really cared about this policy, they would block every site on the internet except the onles relevant to their jobs needs.
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