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Originally Posted by jigidyjim View Post
I haven't read the part of this thread that says this beer doesn't age well, but I thought mine still tasted great 6 months later. I brewed it as an Xmas ale on Oct 8 and it was fine for Xmas... if you want to be sure you could allow an extra week or two in bottles, sometimes carbing big beers takes awhile.
I agree. High Abv beers and porters always seem to do better with age. Mine are over a year old and still tasting great.
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Brewed this last night. Used pale extract with a partial mash. Accidentally used the same amount of C#40 as C#120 (didn't realize the recipe calls for less C#40), but that should be OK.

One interesting thing I did was I boiled some of the extract separately (to get it up to temp before adding to the main boil, i don't have many BTUs on the stove top). The extract ended up frothing, like a caramel/toffee foamy mixture. I let it go for about 30 minutes before adding it to the main boil. It was a gamble but I hope it adds a bit of complexity to the final brew.

I brought back 5oz of vanilla extract from a trip to the dominican republic. Going to use 2-2.5oz and see where it gets me. The vanilla smells amazing - it's like earthy, almost nutty. Yum.

Made 5 gallons with partial boil (i can only brew up 3 gallons at a time).

Malt & Fermentables

58% 8 ~ Light/Pale Malt Extract Syrup
16% 2 4 American Munich
10% 1 6 Brown Malt
6% ~ 14 American Crystal 40L
6% ~ 14 American Crystal 120L
3% ~ 6 Chocolate Malt

.6oz nugget @ 120min 14%
1oz UK Kent Goldings @ 10min 4.5%

1.076 OG, ~35IBU (roughly 55% efficiency for me using brew-in-a-bag)

Nottingham Ale Yeast

reduced ~ 3-4lb of pale extract in small saucer with a bit of water to create a frothy rolling caramel mixture. boiled for 30 minutes, added in last 15 minutes to boil. only time will tell if this was a good decision.

adding 2oz of vanilla in secondary (2-weeks), probably no bourbon.

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Hey all,
I brewed the original AG recipe in this thread last night. I thought I was pretty dead on with the temperatures, but for some reason my OG was a 1.044. Any idea why this could have happened?


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Maybe bad crush?

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Possibly, it was crushed at the shop and it seemed pretty good though. Thinking about it now, its possible the temp was slightly off (just got a new thermometer that might not be working too well) but could that cause such a large error?
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how did you add the beersmith link
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I just finished up brewing this. The pre boil gravity sample tasted great and came in at 1.057. With a 90 min boil it looks like the OG is going to be 1.074, but I'm still waiting for the foam in my test tube to die down, so it may end up a couple of points higher.

This is only my 4th or 5th AG batch, so I'm still figuring out my setup and how to use it properly. Because of this I started my 90 minute boil w/ 7 gallons and expected to get to 5.5 gallons. I ended up w/ 5 gallons so if I had hit my target size the OG would have been a little lower.

Edit: OG came out to 1.075.
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How to brew extract (with pictures!)

How to brew extract (Video)

Simple bottling process

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Originally Posted by Sshamash View Post
Hey all,
I brewed the original AG recipe in this thread last night. I thought I was pretty dead on with the temperatures, but for some reason my OG was a 1.044. Any idea why this could have happened?


I just checked if my new digital thermometer was accurate and it seems to be 3 degrees off (low), could this be a possible explanation for the low OG? That would mean my mash was at around 146/147.


I am still relatively new at AG...

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I brewed this one a while back and it was by far the best beer I have brewed to date. I just found out the other day that it scored a silver medal in a homebrew competition down in Alexandria, LA.

Each beer was scored on its own merits as opposed to in each category but I got two judge scores of a 40 and a 35. The couple of guys I talked to from the competition had nothing but great things to say about it and I'm stoked to say the least!

Thanks a lot for the great recipe!

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made this a while back. possibly the best beer i've ever made

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